Store Updated

Hey Internet- I just added like a dozen things to the Never Knows Online Store, just in time to be completely past holiday shipping deadlines! That’s right: suck it, business majors! Yet again, we defy your capitalist trappings and prove ourselves completely incapable of making a business out of drawing robots, like, humping other robots.


Or whatever he heck it is we do here.

Other: There’s Been a Murder is up to S, for anyone keeping count. Do you count letters? Huh. You’d think if anyone knew, it’d be the guys who publish alphabet books like a compulsion.


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Three New Books!

monsters umptuous and CD_web

I released three new books last week, I guess. In order pictured, the first is Monsters, a sort of mid-length poetry and picture project I put together. The second is Crazy Dangerous, which is a collection of the Harmony Boom Comic Strip (updated every m/w/f). And the third is Umptuous Boomtionary, which is a Harmony Boom Island alphabet book. I dropped them all off for sale at Gallery Boom, so I suppose that’s probably the only place to buy them, should you be interested in buying them.

In other news, There’s Been A Murder is up to the letter K. Check back daily for every exciting new installment!

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There’s Been A Murder!

I started a new project today. I’m going to publish a new book one page a day from now through the 26th of December. I actually wrote this book back in April, just before the Smallest Possible Murder project (where I wrote and drew a book in public over the course of like 8 hours). Anyhow, I finally decided to do this bad boy and publishing it a drawing a day on the web made as much sense as anything.

Here then are the cover and first page:



I’ll be doing a handmade (as in printed in my office on my laser printer) numbered edition later this month, mailed around the 15th if anyone wants to order a copy. You can also order the original artwork if you’re so inclined.

I gave the Bopes their own little web presence for this, their mugs, or whatever else I do that feels like it fits— kinda like the Hamlet site. Don’t think for a minute that I forget these projects, I just have to choose where to put my tiny snatches at free time as best I’m able. To that end, I also restarted the Harmony Boom comic strip today, so that bad boy is back to being updated M/W/F for the foreseeable future.

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11″x 14″ India ink on bristol.

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11″x14″ India ink on bristol, colored with ink wash.

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Two New Books


So, these are the two news books I’m releasing that I received from the printer today. One is an esoteric art book based (in part) on some big interactive art pieces I did last year (Animal Parade), the other is the new Harmony Boom Island novel (Day of the Fuzzlebugs).


Can you imagine two books by one author(s) coming out at the same times that are as radically different as these? I can! Because, like, next week or the week after I get THREE MORE books from the printer, including a Harmony Boom alphabet book, a Harmony Boom comic collection, and a bizarre book that’s sort of a long-form piece of poetry paired with some bizarre paintings. That will bring the total number of books I’m publishing for the month to five, PLUS Jon the Mormo Met a Cow from last month, plus the other two books I published earlier this year— The Smallest Possible Murder and The Adventure of the Mysterious Adventure. equals some number of books I’m not even prepared to count that I’ve published this year.

In other news, the Harmony Boom Comic Strip should start up again in the next couple of weeks, and I’ve begun writing the new (third) Harmony Boom Island novel, though that’s super early stages— still early enough that it could be left in the snow to die and no one would ever notice.

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Halloween 2014

halloween2014beastI did this today, I suppose, for festive reasons. Or maybe because the time was ripe for a slouching beast with intergalactic headphones. Whatever. The drawing was done on India ink. To get the black to be black was two layers of India ink applied with a brush. The paper is 14″x17″ bristol, which is pretty big. I know I could have done it a whole bunch less time with the magic of the computer machine, but there’s just something about doing things old school sometimes.

I guess while I’m here, let’s check out the other two pieces I did in the last, let’s say, 36 hours. These are much different, stylistically. These were originally India ink (bear) and technical pen (fox) on bristol, but were obviously put through the Photoshop ringer.

jigglebear1 foxy1

Also, I guess, I should mention my kickstarter project that’s ending in two days.

There you go.


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Accountant Banker Clerk

I’m furiously working on some new stuffs to have out by the holidays, but in the meantime made myself laugh at the thought of this alphabet book, so I did this drawing instead of being responsible last night.

accountant banker clerk web

It’s not a real book or ever planning to be, just a silly notion. The original line art is India ink on bristol. Colored by Photoshop, naturally.

What IS a real book is Day of the Fuzzlebugs, the new Harmony Boom novel, which you can back/preorder through my kickstarter. It’s so real, I’ve got the actual physical proof here at my house right now! Okay, that ends my court-ordered mandatory plug.

fuzzlebugs proof photoweb

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New Kickstarter!



Hey you handsome internet, you, we (Harmony Boom Industries) have some new books coming out, which we are running a Kickstarter campaign for. The biggest is the second Harmony Boom Island novel, Day of the Fuzzlebugs, which is the sequel to our first book, The Adventure of the Mysterious Adventure. If you don’t have the first, you can also pick that up through the Kickstarter. You can also get the just-released Jon the Mormo Met a Cow, plus preorder the new collection of the Harmony Boom Island comic strip, Crazy Dangerous. These books are all either here or will be here and delivered by the holiday season, so get some HB for all of your loved ones this year. Do it do it do it!


P.S. I’ve also got a whole slew (40!) new monster paintings for sale over at Gallery Boom, and if you purchase one, then when the book collecting all of them comes out next month, you get that, too. Wee-ow! Probably more on that in some other post.

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Jon the Mormo Met a Cow

I just had the first printing of the new Harmony Boom book delivered to my door. Yow!

jon_webThe book will be available starting this Thursday at Gallery Boom in Tumwater, and maybe also on the web if I ever get my act together and post it for sale anywhere ever.

After this I’m finishing up the penultimate edit and layout for the new Harmony Boom novel, Day of the Fuzzlebugs, and then collecting together all of the Harmony Boom comics to be released as a nice complete comic collection. There’s more stuff, too, but that’s it for this post.


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