Forest Life

This is pretty much a companion piece to the one I did a few days ago or last week or whenever. Same procedure: Micron on bristol, color and such by Photoshop.

forest robots1 forest robots2 forest robots3


forest robots4

Four different colorways, just to try out some stuff. The initial pink version matches the Sea Life pink from the last post. The robot bear has shown up a number of place before, but I’m too lazy to see if I can find the post to link to. I know there are some serigraphic prints out there with him. Or her. Whatevs.

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Sea Life

I did this this morning instead of work. Just wanted to do something a little different. The original art was done with a fat Micron pen on bristol. I colored it on the computer a few different ways. Vote on your favorite style and I’ll either make a poster, make a print, or forget about it entirely forever!

sealife1So first was a pretty normal color palette, black outline.



Next was an all-blue motif, because: Ocean.sealife3


I was going to try all pink but with a blue outline, but got sidetracked.sealife4

And so here, finally, is that all-pink, though I’m undecided about some of the facial hair and accessories remaining white, so I may touch up some beards and swords later. We’ll see. Anyhow, Sunday morning. Whatcha gonna do?

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Some Monsters

Lumox1 Lumox2 Lumox3

11″x14″ India ink and drawing ink on bristol.

I sort of imagine these guys as the result of a yeti having marital relations with a peanut. Whatevs. They amused me.


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raccoon July2014This speaks for itself.

Don’t forget to come to the Gallery Boom Grand Opening tomorrow (Saturday, August 9th) in Tumwater, 1pm. There’s a chance I’ll be there and an even more solid chance that a bunch of my stuff will be.


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Gallery Boom Grand Opening!

Hey, did you know that I own a gallery in Tumwater, WA? Neither did I! But it turns out that I do and that we’re having a grand opening this Saturday, the 9th, at 1pm.

openingflyerWell, technically the gallery is owned and operated by Harmony Boom, which I am also an owner of. Wait. How does that work? Is the law of transitive properties, like, a thing for things? Huh? Anyhow, come on down and see if I’ve gotten any sleep, then get me to sign books and stuff. Even other people’s books. Especially other people’s books!


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Future Fashion Designer

fashion designerI did this piece last night while watching episodes of the original Muppet Show. This is the first thing I’ve done since April that wasn’t either Harmony Boom related or commissioned. Just the way things have rolled lately, I guess. A lot of my time has gone into the new gallery I’m opening in Tumwater, which is borderline batshit insane. I guess that’s also just how some things roll.


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Commissioned Panda Bunny Art

I just turned this piece over to some friends of mine who commissioned me to do it for a friend of their’s who just bought a bar here in downtown Olympia. Their only real request had been to have it be of Panda Bunny at this bar. So I scoped out the bar briefly a couple of weeks ago, had some new ginger ale I’d never tried before, and the bar itself had this awesome mosaic thing underneath it, so I went with that. The composition just spoke to me. I remembered the little fridge because that’s where my ginger ale came from. Whatta world.


Just for kicks, here’s what my pencils looked like. I happen to have the scan since I sent it to the people who commissioned the piece, though I don’t think they ever even looked at it. I realized what I had done to myself with those bottles after penciling about a quarter of them, but by that point it was already too late.


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Arts Walk Post-Op

So. With about 5 minutes to spare on Saturday night I finished the last bit of erasing and called my new book cooked. For anyone interested, the results of the survey are available here. Suffice it to say people wanted a book with a Crow for a protagonist, some donuts as the antagonist, Olympia as the setting, and an Evil Twin as the literary device. I did what I could.


I began writing the book at about 4pm on Friday, and was able to work until about 8pm Friday evening. I picked it up again Saturday at noon and finished at 8pm. Sunday morning I lettered the book and added inkwash, then scanned it all before returning it to the Washington Center, where it will live for a couple of months or something. It should actually be coming down just about the time I get the book back from the printer, provided I ever even get started with the design and printing process. We’ll see.

I will be at the Washington Center this Wednesday the 30th at 6pm for an Artist’s Reception, at which time I’ll read the book and also read an excerpt from the new Harmony Boom novel, then answer questions or something. Should be fun!

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Last day to take survey, plus a robot with a skull for a head!

Hey Internet, today, Thursday, is the final day to take the survey I put together for the book I’ll be writing and drawing live at the Washington Center during Oly Arts Walk:


It’s only ten questions, it’s multiple choice, it’s funny (or at least it made me laugh). Take it and then make other people take it and then come visit me Friday and Saturday in downtown Olympia. I have spoken!

Here’s a drawing from the show:

skullbot2Hope to see a bunch of people there. Bring coffee!


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Arts Walk is a comin’! Panda Bunny!

I got a poster produced all special to have this Arts Walk, which I think I’ll have for sale at the Washington Center on April 25th and 26th. It’s of everyone’s favorite Panda Bunny, or possibly of his cousin who did some hard time. Whatever. Here you go:


If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the Make-A-Book Project I’ll foolishly be attempting during Arts Walk and especially be sure to take the Make-A-Book Survey, otherwise, I won’t know what to write and draw a book about. Seriously, take the survey! We need critical mass for the results to not be so easily influenced by my ballot cramming efforts! And then come to the Washington Center in Oly during Arts Walk to see me create the book and to check out all our art, plus, of course, the new Harmony Boom novel that we’ll be releasing during the event. Yow!

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