I saw this guy eating an apple in my tree last week. Obviously, I didn’t put him in the right sort of tree or put in the apple, but inspiration is a fickle thing. And composition doubly so, right?

woodpecker tiny lines

11″x14″ Technical pen on bristol.

I lost my red pen, though, so it may be awhile before I find it and we see anymore fun multi-colored originals like this. Sigh.

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Bathos/Tiny Lines

bathos of fire

11″x14″ India ink (technical pen) on Bristol

bathos of fire red

And the same, but with some Photoshopping.

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Image Dump

Here are some images I’ve done recently or maybe not so recently. A couple of them I kinda found in a folder while looking around for something else, and some of them were original art I did within the last couple of weeks that I finally scanned. As you can maybe tell, I got a new technical pen that I filled with red ink. Also one with green, though it’s hard to get as excited about that. I guess since we’re talking image dumps, I should mention here that I recently created a Flickr account, and uploaded several hundred pictures. I put them in albums based on the folders that they were stored in on my computer, though I otherwise have not curated them AT ALL. Some are commissioned pieces, or joke pieces, a lot of them were featured on this blog at some point or another, but at least now they’re all in a single place. There are still a LOT of images on my computer that aren’t up there, but I got bored. There you go. Enjoy some drawings.


14″x11″ India ink (technical pen) on bristol.

Forest Spirit2

14″x11″ India ink (technical pen) on bristol.

PB Smorgasborg

11″x14″ Drawing ink (technical pen) on bristol

Tiny Lines PB

11″x14″ India ink (technical pen) and drawing ink (technical pen) on bristol

dragon smorgasborg

11″x14″ Drawing ink (technical pen) on bristol


11″x14″ India ink (technical pen) and drawing ink (technical pen) on bristol.

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Before and After


11″x14″India ink (steel nib dip pen), drawing ink/inkwash and house paint.

Been awhile since I used a nib pen, and man it felt good! Though I did manage to smear some ink- this was something of a test to see what I thought of this aesthetic, so I wasn’t as careful as I might have been. Will I do a series of these monsters? Maybe. Robots might be fun, as well, but we’ll have to see how I feel about whatever and stuff.

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My Halloween Decorations

Lawn Bopes compiled

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Hey Internet, a couple of quick things. One, if you haven’t already, you should please consider backing my Kickstarter, which is ending in just a couple of days. Maybe you don’t know this, but when the revolution comes, only Calavara brand coffee mugs will survive. Do you really want to be left in the dregs of civilization only able to drink hot beverages from broken lightbulbs? Act now! Here’s one of the new mugs we’re producing and also some sweet Bopes shelves I made:

businessmug newimageThe shelves are meant to be for either the most awesome backers, or for retail stores that I don’t own to display and carry my coffee mugs. If you’re a retail store that’s interested, you should contact me. I keep meaning to call some places, but I pretty much suck at that, so it’s on you, Mr. And Mrs. Retail Establishment.


Sometime last week, without really telling anyone, I added another 50 excuses to AllGoodExcuses.com, which puts the running total at 200 excuses in the Random Excuse Generator. Not bad! Check it out and use it endlessly, whenever anyone tries to get you to do anything.



My book I’m publishing here a page-a-day is still being published a page a day. You can get to it by clicking here. I’m up to page 9, and at this point, you should potentially be realizing that there’s a theme.

page 9 HI know that some people think of the Homunculus as being, like, small creatures, but I hate that description. If you ask me about Homunculi, I go Prague Golem every time.

Finally, Please back my Kickstarter!


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New Page-A-Day Book!

Hey Internet, I’m publishing a book on the web, one page at a time, similar to last year, when I published a book a page a day. Last night I realized, “hey, there are 26 days left until Halloween. That there’s a page-a-day alphabet book!” And thus did I make another poor choice about how to spend my dwindling free time.

page 1

page 2 A

I’ll update it on this place here daily until the end of the month. I don’t want to post it as regular blog entries because that will look stupid, but maybe I’ll put it some other places as well, if I think of any. Or maybe not. We’ll see.

I’ll be posting a BUNCH more excuses over at All Good Excuses within the next few days, so keep an eye out here for that, and don’t forget to back our kickstarter and get some awesome Bopes mugs. There you have it.

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Kickstarter news, I guess

Hey internet, we’re doing a new Kickstarter campaign to make some coffee mugs, if you were unaware. Yup. Anyhow, some of you may remember, like, two days ago when I posted a couple of strange monster shelves I made. Gosh, we were so young then… Sorry, these old bones do digress. Anyhow, in the intervening 48 hours I made a Bopes shelf that will now be a limited reward for the campaign. Pretty sweet!


This one here is the prototype, which is now displaying mugs over at Gallery Boom, I think. At any rate, I gave it to Christine over there, so it’s in God’s hands now.

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New Shelf Thing

I saw a couple of camera lenses sitting on my friend’s fireplace and thought, “that’s a pretty cool knick-knack, but I bet we could do better!” And so here we are!

monstershelf1Turns out that they weren’t knick-knacks, only there for temporary reasons. Oh well, they’ll still look fabulous now, on their very own shelf, done after the fashion of those monsters I did a few months back for the Olympia Film Society.

Since I was already making one shelf, I made another— why do one when two is twice the work! monstershelf2

Since I started running a Kickstarter campaign to make more coffee mugs right now, I decided to throw some of my previous mugs on it for the picture. I couldn’t find some of them in my cabinet, which is just whatever. Maybe I’m out? Who knows. Maybe they’re in a crate somewhere. I assume that the Gallery still has all of them for sale.

These shelves were built out of wood and materials I had laying around the house, so OSB plywood, and some 1″x2″, painted in house paint. I might do more at some point and up the wood quality or, like, at least do a better job sanding it or measuring. I took the pictures with my cellphone. “Hey, I’d take the pictures with the real camera. Can I have one of my lenses back from that shelf?” “No. Those lenses are part of the shelf now. They’re art. They’re for the ages.” “Oh…”



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11″x14″ India ink (technical pen) on bristol.

I was going to do more with this color, patterns, anything, but after getting it here I just liked it too much to change. I’d say elegant, but that feels like a really weird word to use.

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