spyOriginal drawing is ink on 9″x12″ bristol, color by Photoshop. I’m not sure why I’m playing with these little patterns and stuff so much. Maybe I’m searching for the zen of drawing? Who knows. In keeping with the “Spy” theme of this image, there is, of course, a secret message embedded in code in all those little hashmarks. After you studiously review the various types of code, and then spend hours trying to decrypt it before smashing your computer with a hammer in frustration, give me a call so that I can laugh at you.


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bear protector_webThe original is India ink on 11″x17″ bristol, but I obviously did a tiny bit of coloring with Photoshop. Just a touch here or there. I’m thinking of producing this as a poster. Thoughts?


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Drawing of Bathos

bathosJan2015Original is technical pen on 11″x14″ bristol. Colors by Photoshop.


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Shadow Monster

shadow monster

This is another one of these pieces where I did a drawing just to have something to mess around with in Photoshop. A million possible colorways and paths to take. The original was technical pen on 9″x12″ bristol.

shadow monster2

shadow monster3

shadow monster4

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14″x17″ bristol, India ink for the black, and drawing ink for the color.

I’m not 100% sure what I was thinking when I started this, but whatever. I was originally going to call this “Spring Trolls” until I realized that was accidentally a horrible pun. Oh well. Happy new year.

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Store Updated

Hey Internet- I just added like a dozen things to the Never Knows Online Store, just in time to be completely past holiday shipping deadlines! That’s right: suck it, business majors! Yet again, we defy your capitalist trappings and prove ourselves completely incapable of making a business out of drawing robots, like, humping other robots.


Or whatever he heck it is we do here.

Other: There’s Been a Murder is up to S, for anyone keeping count. Do you count letters? Huh. You’d think if anyone knew, it’d be the guys who publish alphabet books like a compulsion.


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Three New Books!

monsters umptuous and CD_web

I released three new books last week, I guess. In order pictured, the first is Monsters, a sort of mid-length poetry and picture project I put together. The second is Crazy Dangerous, which is a collection of the Harmony Boom Comic Strip (updated every m/w/f). And the third is Umptuous Boomtionary, which is a Harmony Boom Island alphabet book. I dropped them all off for sale at Gallery Boom, so I suppose that’s probably the only place to buy them, should you be interested in buying them.

In other news, There’s Been A Murder is up to the letter K. Check back daily for every exciting new installment!

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There’s Been A Murder!

I started a new project today. I’m going to publish a new book one page a day from now through the 26th of December. I actually wrote this book back in April, just before the Smallest Possible Murder project (where I wrote and drew a book in public over the course of like 8 hours). Anyhow, I finally decided to do this bad boy and publishing it a drawing a day on the web made as much sense as anything.

Here then are the cover and first page:



I’ll be doing a handmade (as in printed in my office on my laser printer) numbered edition later this month, mailed around the 15th if anyone wants to order a copy. You can also order the original artwork if you’re so inclined.

I gave the Bopes their own little web presence for this, their mugs, or whatever else I do that feels like it fits— kinda like the Hamlet site. Don’t think for a minute that I forget these projects, I just have to choose where to put my tiny snatches at free time as best I’m able. To that end, I also restarted the Harmony Boom comic strip today, so that bad boy is back to being updated M/W/F for the foreseeable future.

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11″x 14″ India ink on bristol.

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11″x14″ India ink on bristol, colored with ink wash.

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