Up all night

Up all night making tiny marks with a pen, then spent my morning coffee monkeying with the file in Photoshop.


The original is India ink (pen) on 11″x14″ bristol, only after scanning the b/w drawing, I added an inkwash, so the original now looks like this:


Finally, here’s an 8″x8″ painting I did yesterday during Europa soccer action. I guess calling it a painting is disingenuous, since it’s all ink on canvas, no paint involved. Scans and photos never do justice to these things. The contrast just vanishes, which is not the case on the original. C’est la vie.


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Birds and also…


11″x14″ India ink (pen) on bristol. Color is drawing ink.


14″x11″ India ink (pen) on bristol. Color by inkwash.

Did I already say that I think I’m doing these intricate little things as some for of “art therapy”? I dunno. Maybe I’m just liking spending hours making little hashes instead of sleeping.

Inside Baseball: I have taken to denoting that I used a pen filled with India ink, because for years I used a steel nib dipped in ink every minute or so- and though the ink is the same (well, different brand), this feels like a much different medium and should be noted as such. Recently, I’ve been unable to conjure together the time or personal space necessary to have an open bottle of ink to dip a pen into, which is why I’ve resorted to what feels much more like a technical pen, which is what has led to all of this patterning. I DO hope to return to my beloved steel nibs at some point when things in my life calm down and find some patterns again. Ohmygosh, is the lack of pattern in my personal life the catalyst for these insanely ordered drawings I’ve been doing? Wow… I feel like we’ve had a real breakthrough here.

This next piece was done to just throw some things at a wall and see what stuck, how it all fell together aesthetically. I may yet cut it all up and color it, but that seems like a lot of work right now.

patterns12″x9″ India ink (pen) on bristol.


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11″x14″ India ink (pen) on bristol. Hand colored with drawing ink- pardon the slight warping in the scan.

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pghost2_2211″x14″ India ink (pen) on bristol.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with these lately, and have been trying them out on some different mediums. I snapped these with my phone so, y’know, whatever. Not great, but at least gets he idea across.

woodghostThis is a wood panel, 24″x48″, I think. the background is drawing ink and the beast was done with a paint pen. Oh, actually, I think the pink was actually screen printing ink. I have no idea why the middle looks so washed out. Camera phone, I guess.

canvasghost16″x20″ canvas (I think)- Molotov paint pen for the black, drawing ink for the color.

canvasghosts2Both are 8″x8″ canvas- drawing ink and then I did the drawings with India ink (pen).

I think I’m enjoying the zen like nature of the little lines. I’m planning on doing more of these for awhile. Maybe put together enough for a show somewhere. We’ll see.

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Did this last night. The original is all black India ink on 9″x12″ bristol. I did the color fade with Photoshop. Also did these other variants, because why not. I’m not sure which I like best. I thought about doing a super colorful version with each element its own bright color, but that would have taken years.




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Gentleman Otter

gentleman otter

Original is India ink on 9″x12″ bristol. Unlike the others I’ve done recently, I opted to not modify this at all with color in the Photoshop machine. I finished the figure a few days ago and wasn’t sure how I wanted to do the background, then I was looking through a book of Gustave Doré prints, saw some of his cloud work, and thought, “that looks traumatic.” Of course, I didn’t do them the way he did, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

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spyOriginal drawing is ink on 9″x12″ bristol, color by Photoshop. I’m not sure why I’m playing with these little patterns and stuff so much. Maybe I’m searching for the zen of drawing? Who knows. In keeping with the “Spy” theme of this image, there is, of course, a secret message embedded in code in all those little hashmarks. After you studiously review the various types of code, and then spend hours trying to decrypt it before smashing your computer with a hammer in frustration, give me a call so that I can laugh at you.


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bear protector_webThe original is India ink on 11″x17″ bristol, but I obviously did a tiny bit of coloring with Photoshop. Just a touch here or there. I’m thinking of producing this as a poster. Thoughts?


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Drawing of Bathos

bathosJan2015Original is technical pen on 11″x14″ bristol. Colors by Photoshop.


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Shadow Monster

shadow monster

This is another one of these pieces where I did a drawing just to have something to mess around with in Photoshop. A million possible colorways and paths to take. The original was technical pen on 9″x12″ bristol.

shadow monster2

shadow monster3

shadow monster4

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