Arts Walk is a comin’! Panda Bunny!

I got a poster produced all special to have this Arts Walk, which I think I’ll have for sale at the Washington Center on April 25th and 26th. It’s of everyone’s favorite Panda Bunny, or possibly of his cousin who did some hard time. Whatever. Here you go:


If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the Make-A-Book Project I’ll foolishly be attempting during Arts Walk and especially be sure to take the Make-A-Book Survey, otherwise, I won’t know what to write and draw a book about. Seriously, take the survey! We need critical mass for the results to not be so easily influenced by my ballot cramming efforts! And then come to the Washington Center in Oly during Arts Walk to see me create the book and to check out all our art, plus, of course, the new Harmony Boom novel that we’ll be releasing during the event. Yow!

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The Great 2014 Calavara Book-A-Thon

The Great 2014 Calavara Book-A-Thon!

In which our intrepid hero will endeavor to write and draw a picture book in two days, in public! That’s right, you can wander in and look over the author’s hunched sloping shoulders as he sobs onto a piece of bristol and smeared ink, wondering when they’ll let him go get another cup of coffee.

PerryWrites600The place is the Washington Center (512 Washington St SE, Oly) and the when is Olympia’s Spring Arts Walk (April 25th & 26th). As well as creating the book, there will be lots and lots of other new P. Calavara artwork, as well as the official release of the new Harmony Boom novel, The Adventure of the Mysterious Adventure. Not bad!

But wait! Because this book is going to be created in a public place at a public event with the public poking the author with sticks, we decided that it only made sense to wrangle the public into the creation of the book. To that end, your responses here will determine both the characters and theme of the book to be written, as well as what interactions with the supposed author will be like. When the survey is completed in the days before the event, the results will be tallied. Then, during Arts Walk, the survey results will be presented, the book created, and the author poked with sticks. Publicly.

Take the Survey!

Anything else? I suppose for completeness sake we should post something like a link to pre-order the book. Also, my business partner says she’ll beat me up if I don’t. But the fact of the matter is that I can’t know how much the book will cost until after it’s produced, so I’m going to choose a semi-random number and hope I don’t take a bath on anyone who does elect to pre-order the book. Here you go:

$15.00 – 2014 Book-a-thon Pre-order!
(includes shipping!)

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Harmony Boom: AotMA Proof!

This afternoon the UPS guy threw a book through my window. I had thought it was the library, upset about my frank letters regarding their periodicals policy, but no, it was, in fact, THE PROOF OF MY NEW BOOK!

proof_photoNot bad, right? 7″x10″ hardcover. Yow! And still available to pre-order through our Kickstarter that we’re doing for the project.

If for some reason you don’t know what Harmony Boom is, here is a link: LINK!

I’ll post some of the work I’m doing for the Washington Center show at some point as well. I’m pretty pleased with how it’s all coming together. If for some reason you don’t what my art is, here is a link: LINK!


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The Adventure of the Mysterious Adventure

So what the heck have I been doing? Well, in the last couple of months I found, bought, and moved into a new house, which ate a lot of time, and I wrote, illustrated and designed the first Harmony Boom novel, The Adventure of the Mysterious Adventure, which ate some more time. The book is currently going through the proofing process but our target is to release it at April Arts Walk here in Olympia, when we’ll be presenting a whole mess of Harmony Boom artwork (as well as a fair amount of my normal artwork) at the Washington Center here in Olympia.


We’re currently running a kickstarter to help finance the production of the book, a lovely 7″x10″ hardcover. If you live in Olympia the best way to get a copy is to come see us the weekend of Arts Walk, but if you don’t then the kickstarter is a great way to pre-order a copy. Time for me to get back to work!


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Some January

Hey whoever is reading this. Been awhile! Well, I’ve been busy and I don’t have to apologize for that. Anyhow, here’s a screengrab I, uh,  grabbed from my computer showing the first 100 Harmony Boom Comics.

first hundred

I was just saving this weeks and thought the image looked cool. If you’re not reading the HB comic, you should be. It’s fun and I do it! This will hopefully be the year of Harmony Boom, so keep an eye out. We’ve got the HUGEST plans. I’m not sure how much I can talk about, but we’ll definitely have a bunch of art up at the Washington Center here in Olympia for Arts Walk in April. Not only will we be debuting a bunch of art and the biggest HB project to date, but I’ll be chained to a drafting table where I’ll attempt to write and draw a picture book during the two days of Arts Walk. Plan your trip now! April 25 and 26th.

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Couple of Monsters

I drew these out in the freezing cold at the Lincoln Winter Market last weekend and just found them now while I was thawing out. Just some silly little monsters for your enjoyment.

hayes_web lincoln_web


The originals are both just technical pen on cardstock. There you go.

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Lincoln Winter Market

Hey internet land. Come check out the Lincoln Winter Market tomorrow at Lincoln Elementary School here in Oly. from some time to another time. I’ll be there selling my stuffs as well as all the Harmony Boom stuffs that we sell. Hooray!

LWM 2013 final

That’s pretty much it.

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Pictures from Fall Arts Walk

Hey Internet, I’m finally posting some photos from over a month ago when I had up all of my Animal Parade stuff for Arts Walk. Remember that? Honestly, I snapped some photos during a quiet spell, but they came out pretty sub-par and I’m mostly posting them because I need to show them to somebody in a meeting tomorrow and this seemed the most expedient way. Anyhow, let’s do it to it:



So here were two of the interactive pieces, which got played with a LOT throughout the couple of days. Also, some other associated pieces of art. Aficionados will recognize the Cull Wood Army marching along the bottom, who first appeared last Spring at Splash Gallery, as well as the huge Bathos made of plywood, overexposed on the far right.

arbutusphoto2This bad boy was gigantic and featured more than 100 movable tiles for people to arrange however they wanted. It also got a fair amount of play, though I’m not sure how successful people were at finishing up any of the creatures. Man it took a long time to make, though.

arbutusphoto3This was the last of the big interactive pieces, and the one people seemed to have the most trouble with, which makes no sense to me whatsoever, since I provided the dang answer key right there. My friends of a scientific bent all studiously created every possible creature without the cheat sheets while this was on my kitchen table, but I never actually saw this any creatures finished at Arts Walk. Maybe science types don’t go to Arts Walk.

Anyhow, the event was a lot of fun and it was pretty gratifying to see so many people playing with my work. I’ve got zero idea what I’ll do with any of these things now, as they’re all packaged up in my basement. Hopefully I’ll be able to show them again someday in some capacity.

And rest assured I’m already planning for Spring Arts Walk.



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I did this piece the other day. It’s 11″x14″ India ink and ink was on bristol.


It’s interesting to me that I’m feeling lately like I can say almost everything I want to in my art using only Bathos, my robot. Sad news for your Panda Bunny fans? Probably not. While I love Bathos and his malleability, there are other things that are just too fun not to do sometimes. Besides, isn’t there a place for things that are just fun art and don’t have to have deep meanings? That’s right, folks, when you think Serious Art, think Robots! Accept no substitute.

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Harmony Boom: Blast Off!

Hey internet. Have I mentioned Harmony Boom: Blast Off! before?

So, over the Summer I spent waaaaaay too much of my time designing, constructing, and playtesting a Harmony Boom tabletop game that we’re currently calling Harmony Boom: Blast Off! Pretty sweet, right? We played the heck out of this game! And now, finally, after years or maybe just months or weeks of putting it off, I finally put together version 4 of the game yesterday. Huzzah!

Blast Off v4 webCurrently coming in at 417 cards, plus a bunch of little square token things that I didn’t align right but was too cheap to reprint for this test version, Blast Off! is a card game where players compete to build and populate rockets to take the Boomers to Mars. Doesn’t that photo of the game in piles on my paper cutter that I took with my phone look amazing? Scroll back up and look in awe for a little bit longer. Wicked. If it looks a little grey it’s because I grabbed two reams of bright white card stock from the bin and the second one was actually light grey. I think that just adds to the amazingness. Thanks Office Supply Store! You make everything a little brighter! Or greyer. Whichever.

If you’re able to slow your heart enough, here is a slightly less breathtaking piece of art that I created for the game:

HB_BOboxart_webWhy am I mentioning this now after being basically silent about it (I think) for the last several months? Because v4 of Blast Off! is the version we intend to take out of the house and begin playtesting with people who are somewhat less me, Christine, and my immediate friends and family. The idea is to test this game over the next couple of months and then spend early 2014 trying to finish it off and procure funding to produce it in time for next year’s holiday season. Yow!

We will be arranging some test games here in the Olympia area in December. We’ll be looking for feedback and clarity/legibility issues and all those other things that people playtest games to resolve before just doing whatever the heck they felt like doing in the first place anyways. Anyhow, if you’re interested in playing, contact us at and we’ll add you to our list of testing candidates.

There you go.



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