Too much HBO?

I drew this while watching Game of Thrones…fuck sailors

This image just leapt into and from my mind fully-formed, like Athena from Zeus’s head, only as a t-shirt, not a goddess. So I went ahead and threw it up in my threadless store, though I did change the words to be a little less salty. Sigh. I’ve actually had this font on my computer a long time, it’s called “Hello Sailor,” but this was the first chance I’ve had to use it where it actually seemed appropriate.

Then this morning I drew this while watching a rerun of John Oliver, just futzing around aimlessly with a pen and paper at hand…

some animals

Obviously both were originally drawings that I then did some Photoshoppy stuff to.

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Drew this while watching Game of Thrones…skull

9″x12″ India ink (technical pen) on Bristol

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Dr. Evolution Loves Bananas

dr evolution1 web

Here’s a new thing I did for absolutely no reason! I even made it a shirt over at my Threadless shop, for also no reason! The original artwork looks like this:

dr evolutionORIG web

9″x12″ India ink (technical pen) and inkwash on bristol.

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More Panda Bunny!

primitives buildNine 8″x10″ paintings, house paint on canvas. No real idea what I was going for here. It seemed to clear in my mind as I laid out the canvases and got out the paint, yet here we are.

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Tiny Lines in DC

So I’ve apparently got an art show up in the other Washington right now, at Rhizome DC. I sent a whole smorgasbord of Tiny Line drawings— mostly older stuff that’s been shown here in the not-other Washington before, though there are some new pieces and some never before seen older pieces. I can’t say for sure what all got hung, since I haven’t been over to see it personally, but here are a couple of the newer pieces I sent.


14″x11″ India ink (technical pen) and inkwash on bristol


11″x14″ India ink (technical pen) on bristol

These drawings are a little older, but haven’t been seen before, I don’t think.

splash bathos splash bear splash wolf

11″x14″ India ink (technical pen) and splashes of drawing ink on bristol.

Finally, for anyone playing the home game, I recently uploaded a whole bunch of older Tiny Lines stuff to my flickr album for that sort of thing. A lot of this has been shown publicly and some of it was here on the blog, but never got posted to my gallery thing. Enjoy, if that’s the sort of thing you’re into.

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Sunday Tuco


I did this drawing of Tuco a couple weeks ago, but when I went to do the tiny lines background, my pen immediately blurped out a little pool of ink, effectively ruining the drawing. This is a risk we run! I still really liked the original drawing, so I pulled that out and made it something interesting. Here’s the original, if you’re looking to get a tattoo of the strange little demon thing that haunts my work.


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Saturday Panda Bunny

bomberNo real explanation here. Original was India Ink on bristol, though obviously it was never intended to stay that way.

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Sunday Pickup

A series of drawings I’ve been working on lately while watching the beautiful game. These are all India ink on 14″x11″ bristol, done with my trusty old fashioned steel nib dip pen— gawd it feels good to be using it again. sp1 sp2 sp3 sp4 sp5 sp6 sp7Note that my scanner does weird things to color, so this might not all be the most representative of what the original drawings actually look like… sigh.

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Krommitters at Captain Little


Hey anyone in the Olympia or Puget Sound region— Friday evening and Saturday are Olympia Arts Walk! I’ll be stationed at Captain Little toy store, where I will have a whole smorgasbord of Krommitters. There is an awesome new coloring book being released, as well as a bunch of paintings, and (coolest of all) some large Krommitters that you can take pictures of while they eat your children!


Besides that, this is also, I suppose, the first place to get my new Space Crime Cop Patrol coloring book. Pretty clever!


There you go. Hope to see you there.

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11″x17″ India ink and ink wash on bristol

I drew this three years ago, right after a big organized crime match fixing expose. I think I was going to send it out as an editorial cartoon somehow but never ended up doing anything with it. Amazing how it’s still relevant! I found it in a drawer while looking for some other old art for a show, and I don’t believe anyone else has ever seen it. Or maybe I posted it here immediately after drawing it and I’m just too lazy to look for it. Whatever.

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