New Page-A-Day Book!

Hey Internet, I’m publishing a book on the web, one page at a time, similar to last year, when I published a book a page a day. Last night I realized, “hey, there are 26 days left until Halloween. That there’s a page-a-day alphabet book!” And thus did I make another poor choice about how to spend my dwindling free time.

page 1

page 2 A

I’ll update it on this place here daily until the end of the month. I don’t want to post it as regular blog entries because that will look stupid, but maybe I’ll put it some other places as well, if I think of any. Or maybe not. We’ll see.

I’ll be posting a BUNCH more excuses over at All Good Excuses within the next few days, so keep an eye out here for that, and don’t forget to back our kickstarter and get some awesome Bopes mugs. There you have it.

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Kickstarter news, I guess

Hey internet, we’re doing a new Kickstarter campaign to make some coffee mugs, if you were unaware. Yup. Anyhow, some of you may remember, like, two days ago when I posted a couple of strange monster shelves I made. Gosh, we were so young then… Sorry, these old bones do digress. Anyhow, in the intervening 48 hours I made a Bopes shelf that will now be a limited reward for the campaign. Pretty sweet!


This one here is the prototype, which is now displaying mugs over at Gallery Boom, I think. At any rate, I gave it to Christine over there, so it’s in God’s hands now.

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New Shelf Thing

I saw a couple of camera lenses sitting on my friend’s fireplace and thought, “that’s a pretty cool knick-knack, but I bet we could do better!” And so here we are!

monstershelf1Turns out that they weren’t knick-knacks, only there for temporary reasons. Oh well, they’ll still look fabulous now, on their very own shelf, done after the fashion of those monsters I did a few months back for the Olympia Film Society.

Since I was already making one shelf, I made another— why do one when two is twice the work! monstershelf2

Since I started running a Kickstarter campaign to make more coffee mugs right now, I decided to throw some of my previous mugs on it for the picture. I couldn’t find some of them in my cabinet, which is just whatever. Maybe I’m out? Who knows. Maybe they’re in a crate somewhere. I assume that the Gallery still has all of them for sale.

These shelves were built out of wood and materials I had laying around the house, so OSB plywood, and some 1″x2″, painted in house paint. I might do more at some point and up the wood quality or, like, at least do a better job sanding it or measuring. I took the pictures with my cellphone. “Hey, I’d take the pictures with the real camera. Can I have one of my lenses back from that shelf?” “No. Those lenses are part of the shelf now. They’re art. They’re for the ages.” “Oh…”



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11″x14″ India ink (technical pen) on bristol.

I was going to do more with this color, patterns, anything, but after getting it here I just liked it too much to change. I’d say elegant, but that feels like a really weird word to use.

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The Path & The Prince


11″x14″ India ink and inkwash on bristol.

This was just sort of a thing I did last night and today. I kind of wrote it accidentally while writing an excuse for the random generator over at Speaking of AGE, you can now select the random excuse, and generate a link of it to send to whoever you need to send an excuse to. Pretty cool.

Here’s The Path & The Prince in just the ink, with no color. I dunno why. Because I’ve got it, I guess? Whatevs:

frogprinceFor some reason, in b/w this makes me think of big old tattoos. Probably the scroll.


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Bid on an Astronaut!

Apparently this is the last chance to bid on the astronauts that the Museum of Flight had produced for their 50th anniversary. I painted/drew on one of them before it spent the Summer living somewhere up in the Seattle area, and now they’re all being auctioned off to help fund the museum. If you’ve got the space in your home or business for a 6ft tall astronaut, by all means, support an awesome museum! Or tell people you know who DO have the space in their home or business. There will be a huge anniversary party or some action on Sept 19th a the Museum of Flight, where you can get in super cheap and see all of the astronauts together for the only time, plus meet the artists, and who knows what else. Here’s the astronaut I did:

I never actually saw my astronaut in its native environment, but I did get a frantic text message from a friend one time saying, “Holy shit! I ‘m standing next to that astronaut that I saw in your garage! What the hell is the deal with this thing? Why is it in Bellevue?”

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More Good Excuses

In the interest of not having anyone think I’ve been slacking, I just wanted to drop a line that I’ve been continuing to grow my Random Excuse Generator and associated site over the last couple of weeks. I’ve now got 100 excuses in the generator, with more coming within the next day or two. Enjoy! I’ve also got some pretty offensive notecards available, to get you out of holiday gatherings that you don’t want to attend.


I don’t have them up on the site yet, and maybe I won’t ever put them up, but I’ve created a couple of Community Service things that could/should potentially/probably go there. You can print as many of these as you like and hand them out as necessary. Clicking on the image *should* open up a printable sized copy.



There you go. Use them in good health. If you enjoy the Excuse Generator, please tell everyone you know. The more people that express interest, the more likely I am to not immediately get bored and move on to something even more esoteric.



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Paintings Post

Hey Internet, I’m dumping a bunch of paintings here that I did last month. I’ll take them over to Gallery Boom to have for sale later today, though who knows if Christine will put them up now or soon or ever. Anyhow, these were all done with house paint on different types of wood. Snapshots taken with my camera from across the living room, so no judgements on the lighting/focus, right?

The Boat Sank, Although We All Knew Better

The Boat Sank, Although We All Knew Better, 36″x12


The War That Took Its Toll Still Lay Before Us

The War That Took Its Toll Still Lay Before Us, 36″x12″


All This To Be The Best But Still I Wonder

All This To Be The Best But Still I Wonder, 36″x12″


In The End All We Had Was The End

In The End All We Had Was The End, 36″x12″


Could You Have Ever Gone Back Anyways

Could You Have Ever Gone Back Anyways?, ~24″x~21″


Why Do You Even Ask?

Why Do You Even Ask?, 8″x12″ (old cutting board)


The Knife That Cuts The Water Casts No Shadow

The Knife That Cuts The Water Casts No Shadow, ~26″x~15″ (old butcher’s block), this piece was actually a commission.

There you go.

If anyone cares, All Good Excuses is now up to 75 different excuses generated randomly. I’ll probably slow down on that and get back to my real work for awhile.


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All Good Excuses

I just created a new website, called All Good Excuses, which is a random excuse generator. Next time you need to flake on someone, get your excuse from a professional!

RAGE_1I’ll be adding more excuses this week, or at least until I get bored and move on to some other scheme. For those keeping track, the excuses are all India ink on bristol. Sizes vary.


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True Detective

True Detective

11″17″ some kinda ink on bristol. I drew this while watching True Detective and using the parallel pilot pen I got a month or so ago. The pen is great, but I hate the ink. It smears, takes forever to dry, and feathers to a ridiculous amount. I tried replacing it with an ink I like better, but it leaked everywhere. Yuck. If anyone has any experience or suggestions, let me know. I’ll take a crack at swapping it again before too long, probably. As I said, I like the pen and want to use it, I just need it to be waterproof and good.

No posts in forever! I had a lazy July. Probably all the heat. I am finishing up a series of about a dozen paintings that I’ll probably get posted here or somewhere in some sort of fashion at some point. They’re too big to scan. Complicated! Such bright colors! Inspired by nature! Paint!

If anyone liked any of the tiny line stuff I was working on back in Spring, it’s all in a box in my office, since it just came down from a show at the Capitol Theater in Olympia. Now is the perfect time to email and say, “Hey I want to buy that one of that thing,” then get a series of muddled rambling responses back before giving up on me, and going on to make fun of my awesome business acumen to people on the internet. Yow!

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