Krommitters at Captain Little


Hey anyone in the Olympia or Puget Sound region— Friday evening and Saturday are Olympia Arts Walk! I’ll be stationed at Captain Little toy store, where I will have a whole smorgasbord of Krommitters. There is an awesome new coloring book being released, as well as a bunch of paintings, and (coolest of all) some large Krommitters that you can take pictures of while they eat your children!


Besides that, this is also, I suppose, the first place to get my new Space Crime Cop Patrol coloring book. Pretty clever!


There you go. Hope to see you there.

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11″x17″ India ink and ink wash on bristol

I drew this three years ago, right after a big organized crime match fixing expose. I think I was going to send it out as an editorial cartoon somehow but never ended up doing anything with it. Amazing how it’s still relevant! I found it in a drawer while looking for some other old art for a show, and I don’t believe anyone else has ever seen it. Or maybe I posted it here immediately after drawing it and I’m just too lazy to look for it. Whatever.

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It’s a Bopes day!

Hey Internet, I spent the morning installing a horde of Bopes in a window display up in Seattle, so if you’re in or near Seattle, and want to see a crowd of Bopes, hurry on down to John St at Boren Ave N and check them out sometime between now and sometime later than now. They come down in July, I think.

shunpike1 shunpike2

Why oh why didn’t I save a million hours of work by doing a zombie themed window and just re-using all those Halloween Bopes from my front yard? The world may never know.

In honor of my astoundingly bad time management, I also added another fifty excuses to the Random Excuse Generator at So enjoy that, even if you’re NOT in or near Seattle. If you don’t feel like hitting the Excuse button hundreds of times to see them all, then at least tell your friends about it and make them.

I’m not sure what will happen to all of these Bopes once the installation comes down in July. Anyone want to have a horde of Bopes in their home or place of business? Anyone want to commission a NEW horde of Bopes for their home or place of business? Let me know!

Update: Oops, I totally spaced and forgot to mention that this project was done through Shunpike, up in Seattle. So support them! Thanks to Morgan Cahn for facilitating. I’m going to blame my forgetfulness here on the fact that I’ve been sick and rocking a fever for awhile now. Sorry!

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Threadless Shop

So, I was given a Threadless Artist shop  where people can go print shirts with my art. This happened about half an hour ago, and I’m not totally sure how it. I managed to put up a single image, The basic Panda Bunny. I’ve got a bunch of other stuff to do right now so I can’t really mess with it more at this moment, but it’s my intention to get more stuff up there ASAP (within a week or so). If there’s a particular piece of artwork that you really want to get printed on a shirt, let me know and I’ll try to prioritize that, because why not.


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Apropos of Nothing…

those guys

11″x14″ India ink (technical pen) on bristol.

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In Progress

So- at the moment I’ve got a lot of projects kinda ongoing that may not see fruition for awhile. This is boring. My plan is to try to update here semi-regularly with updates on how these things are going. These aren’t nebulous projects like trying to complete the next couple of Harmony Boom novels (in the middle of first drafts on two), or finally finish Dregs (a graphic novel I completed pencils on almost 6 years ago), but projects that have got actual deadlines and completion dates. Well, maybe also some nebulous stuff.

Current Projects:

Coloring Books (2, at least)- due date: April 22nd. I’ll be showing some artwork or some kind of crazy monster action at Captain Little in Olympia during Arts Walk. This will include the release of no fewer than two new coloring books (including the long-awaited Space Crime Cop Patrol coloring book), and some big wooden monsters for kids to take pictures with. Here’s a scan:


The Space Crime Cop Patrol book is basically done, and the monsters one may be close to being done. I’ll start construction on the cut out monsters after I finish the first big made-out-of-wood project I’ve got coming up, which is…


Bopes! – Due Mar 16th (I think). I’m doing a commissioned window of Bopes for Shunpike up in Seattle. This will consist of like a dozen individual characters arranged within a street window. The only real instruction I was given is the dimensions of the space and the note that a lot of people hang out there smoking during the day. I did this spec drawing to get the rations how I imagine that I want them:


My garage is now full of plywood waiting to be chopped up and painted. I have no idea how much the final installation will or will not look like this, but my intention is to post progress pictures here every now and then.

Board Game (well, card game)- No Due Date. I recently posted some trial art for a board game I’m developing. Well- here is some more artwork I did for the scratch version of the game. Will this be final artwork? Probably not, though who the hell knows since the game is still in development. I’m up to version 3 of it, which we’ve decided is pretty playable. I’ve sent a couple of copies out to other people to give a whirl to. This will probably be at this level of development for a little while, until some feedback starts coming in. animals

If you’re a boardgame nerd whose interested in maybe playtesting this bad boy, maybe we should talk.


HB in Color! A currently untitled Harmony Boom picture book- No Due DateI finished the first draft of a new Harmony Boom picture book about the colors. Very young kids Dr. Seuss, but I think it’ll be fun and have started doing artwork for it, none of which do I have here with me. I’m hoping that this will be the first of many Harmony Boom books to come out this year. Last year was really calm on the island and I miss playing there. This could realistically be done in a couple of months depending upon momentum and free time. After that I need to finally get serious about Jon the Mormo Met a Fish or Kluglings on Parade. Also the next two novels. Will my toils ever cease?

Door- a play. I wrote a play last year based on a picture book I published many years ago. I had actually published the picture book as a place holder to keep the idea around until I could write it up as a play or even as a screenplay. Well, the play is now written. It went through a few revisions and there are a couple of copies of it floating around now, being reviewed by people who attend the theater a lot more often than I do. We’ve talked about putting together a table-read. If you are or know someone in the performing arts that would be interested in furthering this project, let me know. I’ve never done a play before, so I’m unsure about what all of the steps are to make this a reality.

There you go. As I said, my intention is to update progress on these things more often. Someone suggested I start a Twitter account, but I’m not clear how that stuff works, since I basically eschew social media. Anyhow.




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Animals Brew Coffee! In print!

Wow! That’s the fastest I’ve ever had a book get back from the printer. I finished the artwork last Tuesday and put the book to bed Thursday, when I shipped off the final build to the printer’s. And about an hour ago I had copies of the finished book delivered.

animals brew coffee book

It’s a tiny little thing, only 5″x7″, but that’s okay. I also included all of the Winter’s Cruel Reign paintings that were hanging up at the coffee shop where the book was presented, because why not, right?

I should have it available at Gallery Boom soon, maybe even tomorrow morning. I know that Batdorf expressed some interest in carrying it, but we didn’t work out any details beyond that interest. I guess I should call them or something. Anyhow, there you go.

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Playing Around…


So. This is a test drawing for a boardgame (well, a cardgame) that I’m beginning to monkey around with developing. We’ve gone through V1 and I’m trying to build up the second version. Absolutely no part of the process at this early juncture is messing with finished art, but here we are. For the record, I really hate the Bopes when they’re colored, but do enjoy them done here with colored ink. Obviously tried some various stuff with the shadowing. Anyhow, I had this and thought that if I didn’t put it up here, nobody would ever see it anywhere. There you go.

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No real meaning. I was watching old Fleischer Popeye cartoons last night and just really found myself compelled to draw Bluto’s whole mouth / beard situation. I had some different color pens sitting beside me and there you go.

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Robots at the Carco Theater

If you’re in the Puget Sound on Saturday the 16th, between 2-4pm, looking for something to do, come to the Carco Theater in Renton! I’ll be there being interviewed or something and a whole bunch of my robot works are up, some that have been shown before, some that are all new. We’ll also be playtesting a Harmony Boom board game I created.

I’m posting some photos I snapped of some of the artwork that’s up. I certainly don’t feel like describing the medium or guessing at the size of all of these, so I won’t get specific. There’s paint and ink and other kinds of paint and ink, and wood and canvas and paper. Plus some digital print-on-canvas stuff. Enjoy!

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