Inktober 2019 Finished Art

Hey—here’s the (probably) final scanned copy of the huge drawing I did for Inktober this year! This was like 7 or 8 scans that Photoshop very politely merged into a single image for me, except for one little section that it absolutely couldn’t figure out how to fill, so I had to manually adjust that little section to sync up. There are probably other little areas that it had to fudge. Someday I need to find a scanner that can do 30 inches or something crazy, because this is always an issue with anything bigger than ledger sized. Oh well. For now, enjoy the full drawing. And if you’re a puzzle company, call me!

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Action Pigs!

Here’s a drawing I did and then digitized. I’ve had a couple of people ask me about making prints of it, and we looked into how to print onto black velvet, but came up totally empty. Aw well, too bad, but it’s still fun. Enjoy!

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Shirt Survey!

Hey Internet, I’m going to be producing a new Olympia shirt this holiday season, and want you to vote on which design I should use! I’ll post pictures here, but you need to go to this survey to actually vote! The background colors were chosen randomly, and will not be indicative of the final shirts ordered.

Thanks for checking them out! Here’s the link again: 

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Hey person or internet-savvy-dog!

I’ve started a Patreon to use as a subscription service for my work! Patreon, in case you don’t know, is a way to support artist-types that you like by having an automated recurring payment made to them. The gist with mine is that you subscribe at, and are then mailed something every month. The core idea is that I’m going to be producing a number of serialized projects, including a kids novel and an adult novel. While the producing these long-form serialized projects is the primary motivation, anyone who follows my work knows that I produce a lot more than one or two projects at a time, and so subscribers can feel confident that they’ll not only receive regular chapbooks of the novels, but also a steady stream of other books that I release. This includes picture books, poetry books, alphabet books, and who knows what else— pretty much a mystery box.

Two chapbooks, four stickers, and an actual printed book.

Maybe you know my children’s book work but not my adult stuff, or you’ve seen my art around, but never read any of my books at all, so you’re not sure. If you’re curious, or know someone who would be interested, please let me know via email, at and I can send you some stuff digitally, or meet you in a parking lot to hand over something printed.

There you go.

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Hey! For Inktober, I’ll be writing and drawing a book, a page per day! It’s called Zink, and I’m going to try to post an album here that *should* let you know click through and update here as I upload new photos. It should also be at


Did it work? Is there a book there? I’m also doing one of the big huge drawings that I sometimes do. I’ll be updating it daily over at my instagram, where I’ll also be updating the story. You should follow me there, because I add things there all the time.

Also, I’ve been told to tell people who do the facebook thing to follow or like or whatever my thing that’s there:

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Spring Arts Walk!!!

Hey Internet, it’s that time again! Olympia Arts Walk, April 26/27! This year, I’ll be encamped at Mixx96.1 at 119 Washington St NE.

This year is (almost) entirely based around my new book, Stop For Ducklings & The Four Crane Day, which is a chapter book for children.
There will also be a Stop For Ducklings coloring book.

But that’s not all! We’ll be having a coloring contest for kids, with some sweet books and stuff for prizes! Sweeeeeeet!

I’ll be covering the walls with drawings of birds (mostly chickens) playing guitars. I figure, y’know, it’s a radio station and I’m releasing a book about raccoons who form a band, so guitar chickens are pretty on brand here.

Finally, the plan is to setup a drafting table, and draw a maze/map of Olympia, where I add in whatever things kids or whoever tell me to add to it! This is a ridiculously bonkers idea, so come watch me lose it completely trying to pull it off while strangers ask me distracting personal questions as I beg people to bring me coffee!

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Not too late to gift a commission!

Hey— I know you’re thinking that it’s almost the holiday and you screwed the pooch on getting your loved ones, boss, mailman, and secret family a thoughtful gift, but I am here to tell you that you are wrong Wrong WRONG!

Give the Gift of Letting Someone Commission a Mystery Drawing!

Through either our Mystery Ink or Nemesis commissioning services, you can allow your friends, casual acquaintances, and business partners order a mystery drawing of whatever they want! Act now, and we can send you a certificate to print or email to them. The perfect solution for the last minute shopper! And if you’re reading this after the holidays have come and gone, then you’re so late you’d better buy two!

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Lamentable Superheroes Update

So remember when I was going to draw a Lamentable Superhero™©®(patent applied for) every day for the month of October? I did it! I actually drew them all, plus several extra I included, and several that I didn’t. I also finished doing my huge awesome drawing of all the Lamentable Superheroes in action. 

I’ll get this entire thing colored in photoshop before too much longer, and then after that I’m not sure what I’ll do with this. I’d love to see it as a puzzle, so if anyone knows anyone at Ravensburger, let me know. These giant drawings I do would make great puzzles, and I get asked about producing them quite often, but you need to make puzzles in quantities in the thousands, and I’m not setup to even store that many pallets of stuff, much less figure out how to distribute them.

In the meantime, here are some of the heroes who didn’t make the cut. the big reason they were cut is that as I was going, I decided to have the heroes be *mostly* regular humans, rather than aliens of some sort or another. A couple of them I just decided didn’t quite fit.

If you want to see ALL of the heroes from the series, go check out my instagram account, where they were all originally posted.

SHAMELESS!!!! If you’re desperately looking for the perfect last minute gift for someone, give them the gift of getting to commission a drawing! I can send you or them or whoever a certificate to commission a mystery drawing of whatever they like. Yowza!

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Inktober & Commissions

Hey internet, so it’s Inktober, the annual excuse to draw a bunch of stuff! Hooray! this year I’m drawing 31 Lamentable Superheroes! I’ll also be drawing a huge poster of them engaging in a battle. Here are the first few Heroes: 

I’ve only really got pencils going on the big battle so far. I’m adding the heroes as I go, so I want to get a bit more on there first before I begin inking. Probably this weekend…? We’ll see. These guys were all inked with a dip pen, and then shaded/colored with drawing ink. Ink Ink Ink!


The other noteworthy thing here is that I recently put together some pages to do some commissioned drawings. The first is Mystery Commissions, where you give me a couple of words and then get a surprise drawing back, based on whatever I was inspired to draw. I’m doing these for less than my usual rate for commissioned work, because I’m not going to bother getting pencils approved or reworking the expression fifty times, just straight up request “Clown, Puffer Fish, Dildo” and then see what you get.

The other type of commission site I put together is Nemesis Caricatures, where I will do a caricature of your nemesis. Same basic deal, where I’ll just draw whatever I want based on what I’m sent. It’s a great deal for original art by me, according to my mom, and also my econ professor.

There you go. Order now to get original art for your friends and loved ones during the holidays! Alternately, I can do up certificates for either service to give as gifts.

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Inktober Poll

Hey Internet, I’ll be doing an Inktober thing this year where I’ll be doing a drawing per day of a certain type of character. The idea is that you go vote on which one of these types you want to see 31 drawings of. Here they are:

(You can click the image for the poll, or scroll down and see if embedding actually worked)

These were all quickly sketched out with a minimum of effort— I intend to do the actual drawings a little bit cleaner, but I wanted something visual for the vote. Whatevs. I haven’t decided completely how I’ll do these yet… I had intended to do them as a stack of small drawings (that are subsequently for sale?), but there’s also something super enticing about doing them as a single gigantic drawing, the way I did Inktober last year. We’ll see how I feel once we get closer.

I may or may not find a way to put updates here, but I’ll be definitely putting them on my instagram, so check out the action there.

Okay, embedding the poll here, we’ll see if it works. Fingers crossed:

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