17″x11″ India ink (pen) on bristol.

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Some drawings.


11″x17″ India ink (pen) on bristol.



17″x11″ India ink (pen) on bristol. I started this piece a long time ago but only finished it this morning, for no particular reason. It’s mostly just playing around with a collage type concept of some of my favorite things to draw. I think the original intent was to just have bears, then I added the bare lady (I didn’t realize the pun until later), then I threw in some robots and the rest just kept going. I think it’s maybe a commentary on the vicissitudes of childhood and maturity through the lens of the stuffed animal? Who knows. It’s not my job to attach meaning- I just let my psyche run wild and leave it for the art historians to piece together.

I think it would be fun to color, but laborious.

Here’s just the first bear, which I scanned initially to just have a clean copy of.


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211″x14″ ink on bristol.

Working through this new thing I’m playing with. I feel like this is actually an extension of the pattern stuff I’ve been working with recently. The picture above was done second. This one below was done first on an older piece of paper I already had splashed drawing ink all over. I pretty much hated this piece of paper so I used it to experiment with this process a bit. Whatevs.

111″x14″ ink on bristol.



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I guess the question mark is because these were done as ink on canvas, instead of paint. Sorry about the quality. Scans of paintings look terrible, and so do cellphone photos. Whatcha gonna do?

116″x20″ ink on canvas.


16″x20″ ink on canvas.

And here’s the same one but with the camera flash on. Some of the ink is nicely metallic, which shows up for squat in photos, but shimmers nicely in real life.



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The Dangers of Space

astronaut color

12″x9″ India ink (pen) on bristol. Colored and stuffs by Photoshop. Original b/w drawing is below.


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Lines and Leggings

lines and leggings

11″x14″ India ink (pen) on bristol. Unfortunately, my scanner has a major wobble right now that I can’t seem to get rid of. It may not be visible on these shrunk down web versions of images, but it’s driving me bonkers on print quality scans. BONKERS!

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Headphones and Stockings


9″x12″ India ink (pen) on bristol.

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Lines & Negative Space Serpents

lines11″x14″ India ink (pen) on bristol.


11″x14″ India ink (pen) on bristol, color by ink wash.

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Wolf and Grass Beast


India ink (pen) on 9″x”12 bristol.

grassIndia ink (pen) and drawing ink on 11″x14″ bristol.


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Up all night

Up all night making tiny marks with a pen, then spent my morning coffee monkeying with the file in Photoshop.


The original is India ink (pen) on 11″x14″ bristol, only after scanning the b/w drawing, I added an inkwash, so the original now looks like this:


Finally, here’s an 8″x8″ painting I did yesterday during Europa soccer action. I guess calling it a painting is disingenuous, since it’s all ink on canvas, no paint involved. Scans and photos never do justice to these things. The contrast just vanishes, which is not the case on the original. C’est la vie.


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