Adam Smith

Adam Smith Greys

This is the greys, the inkwash.

When you brush black on to a paper, you get this rich texture of dark greys where you want black, which is why I usually scan artwork in strict black and white before adding the grey inkwash. This gives me a pure black layer to put on top of the grey to take a little of the wishy-washyness out of the final printed art. In the case of this print I kept in a little of the texture on the finished blacks, just to keep it organic. Anyhow, the grey is produced using a brush with a few drops of india ink in a bowl of water to dilute the hell out of it. I’m not incredibly consistent with my tones because I don’t ever stir it enough, but I like the living feel to the inconsistency. Don’t knock it, this is what makes me an artist and not a banker.

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