Monthly Archives: September 2016

Some Bathos Paintings

Well, I say paintings, but they’re actually done with ink… Your Delusions Ain’t Got Nuthin’ On Mine – 16″x20″ ink on canvas Who Knew The Eclipse Would Be Blue Ruin – 16″x20″ ink on canvas With a little bit of luck, … Continue reading

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Joga Bonito

14″x11″ India ink on bristol Did this while watching Champion’s League this week. From the same series I did some work on earlier this year. Really nothing but my love of lines, steel nibs, and soccer.

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Inside Llewyn Davis

Ink on 14″x11″ bristol. Did this while watching the Coen Brothers’ Inside Llewyn Davis last night. Not really my usual style- just horsing around while I watched a movie about folk music (ostensibly).

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I haven’t caught things up here in awhile, I’ll try to do that really quickly… So, a couple of weeks ago I started a new web project called True Stuffs on Instagram, for no apparent reason or obvious end goal. Today … Continue reading

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