Updates, New Serigraphy Setup, and Oh Yeah, a New Book

Hey internet, my Kickstarter project is off and going strong(!) or possibly failing miserably(!!)- I don’t really feel qualified to say. I was, however, contacted by Kickstarter about letting them use my video as a great example of how to just crash out a video without much thought or planning. So there’s that.

Meanwhile, I rabbitholed back down to serigraphy again and now come to you almost entirely ready to create some new serigraphs for the first time in a couple of years. Check out the magic:

Pretty amazing, right? The table is a shelving unit I converted and the hinges are ones that I stole/saved from the garbage several years back. I created the masters and then got the screens printed downtown and bought up a bunch of ink to get me started. I still don’t have a drying rack, but I’ll just setup some tables for a temporary solution. Anyone want to give me a drying rack? The screens are for a set of three 5″x7″ prints on a theme. My hope is to lock myself in the basement and absolutely wreck my hearing to, like, some Les Savy Fav or something and whip these guys out. I will, of course, post them when they’re done, though it’s been over two years and the touch may be a little rusty. Life is pretty chaotic right now what with everything, but I’m aiming to have them done and for sale by the weekend of Nov 10/11 for the POSSCA/Friends of the Olympia Library art show, at which I’ll have a booth. Actually, not only will I have a booth, but part of my booth and part of the Vidaliah booth will be dedicated to a fairly massive Harmony Boom section, with posters, prints, original art, lots and lots of HB stuffed animals, and The Tale of Jon the Mormo, the first HB book. Pretty crazy.

And speaking of books, I totally just published a new one that’s not even The Twig. It’s called The Wedding Bells. It’s available to buy through the shop. It doesn’t end happily.

I’ve got some more to yak about, probably, but that’s more than enough for today, maybe.

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