Elections, Shows, and Historical Folk

Hey Internet, for starters, next weekend I’ll be at the Olympia Armory for the POSSCA/Friends of the Olympia Library art show/sale on Saturday the 10th from 10am-4pm, and Sunday the 11th from Noon to 4pm. Come on down and see not only all of my normal and new stuff, but a huge Harmony Boom section, and a sneak peek at the drawings I’ve got done for the People of Greater Olympia History Trading Card Project. Should be fun.

Speaking of the PoGOH Project, I reached my funding goal and have got several of the drawings completed or mostly completed- not quite half of them. But please keep spreading the word! Against the advice of my lawyer, I will double the scope of the project if enough people back it. There are so many people out there worthy of lampooning or honoring or whatever the Hell I’m doing, that it now seems a shame to cut it off before I have to, but finances and printing costs are what they are.

Finally, yesterday I gave a lecture and workshop on political cartooning and did a couple of editorial style cartoons as part of the presentation. Outside of the class, they would probably never be seen again, so here they are:

I probably don’t need to point out that editorial cartoons aren’t exactly my bread and butter, but it was still fun to do and I always enjoy lecturing.

Welcome to November.


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