Scrimshaw Comes To An End

crab bites scullerybot

Volume 2 of Scrimshaw came to an end this morning with comic # 200. Scrimshaw, for those who don’t, is my updated three-times-a-week comic about some people trapped inside a whale. Volume 1 ran back in 2009 and can be read in its entirety either by clicking here or by heading over the the Never Knows Shop and buying it in book format, complete with all sorts of cool extras. If you’ve already read Volume 1, you can read it online from the start of Volume 2 by clicking here. I’ll get V2 put together as a book for sale at some point, but all the extras that went into the creation of the comic were in the first book, so it may take awhile for me to collect or create enough bonus features to collate together for a print version of V2.

Catch all of that?

Hopefully you DIDN’T catch a virus from any site with “” in the URL. This morning I discovered that we’d been infected (my virus catcher thing, Avast, caught it as soon as I came to the site this morning) all throughout. The offending item was a line of javascript placed in the code of every page, so I had to replace every file with a clean one from my computer. I got all of the pages I could find cleaned up, though if anyone happens to be wandering around the sites and comes across a page that’s infected, please let me know that I missed one.


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