Some New Monsters

I did these last week, India ink and ink wash on bristol, glued to some very nice wood I stained using, what else, ink. The wood was some remnants I found and saved from the scrap heap, always a nice way to start a project. Crummy photo in my basement that don’t really capture how beautiful the wood grain came out. An elegant addition to any house. Also: Monsters!

I need to glaze these and add hanging stuff still but should finish that today or tomorrow and then who knows what will become of them. I’m thinking back corner of the attic, but maybe I’ll find them a nicer home.

colormonstersforwebphoto1I haven’t measured them at all, electing instead to just hack away with the table saw, but I think the smaller ones are like 10″x11.”

Oh yeah, this guy was the Ur monster for this project. I did him apart from the others, same wood and everything, but he’s enough different I’m not sure if he’s part of the series proper. Whatever.


His shape was defined by the piece of scrap bristol I had sitting around after another project.

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