I inked and finished this piece a week or two ago, though I did the lion’s share of the pencils a month or two back. brutus grey

India ink and ink wash on 11″x 14″ bristol. I’m really pleased with how he came out- though I’m not sure what to do with him. Any tattoo parlors interested in showing him?

The savvy may recognize the brute from a collection / poster I did last year, The Boy’s Club Association of Villainy.

posterv1_web copy

The original Brute art is one of the few pieces of my own I have hanging in my house and it was fun to visit him again. The Boy’s Club is available as a poster print for anyone interested. It’ll almost certainly be available for most of the month of March at the Splash Gallery in Olympia, where I’ll be the featured guest artist or something for a few weeks, starting a week from today. Keep an eye out for that as there will be a reception and everything. Anyhow, there you go.

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