I was cleaning my office a bit yesterday and came across this inked piece of artwork in a pile. Judging by the style, I think this was done around February when I did all those other monsters that I mounted on ink-stained wood. I did the coloring job while I was on the phone and, for no real reason, used a bunch of gradients, which I basically never do. She’s named Helena because this morning I caught part of the Elaan of Troyius episode of Star Trek: TOS. Wait, does that compute? Whatever.

The original artwork is India ink on 9″x12″ bristol board.


Maybe I’ll put the artwork up at what is (apparently) my t-shirt store at zazzle.com. The story here is that they (zazzle) sometimes email me gift certificate/coupons and so I upload whatever random piece of art to put on a shirt that I then wear because all my shirts tend to end up ink-stained and torn. The phenomenal part of all this is that they also occasionally email me to say that they owe me money from other people have bought a shirt. Whatta world!

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