Where’ve I been?

So it’s been awhile. Sorry about that, Internet. For much of it I was on vacation. Hey, it happens. I just wanted to drop a couple of quick notes about what I’ve been up to, mostly so that nobody would think that I’d completely abandoned myself.

The Harmony Boom Island Comic Strip has kept going, updating every Mon/Wed/Fri. Here’s yesterday’s comic:

hbi_17You can also start at the first episode to follow along with the story, if that’s your thing.

The other big Harmony Boom Island project I’ve been working on is creating what we hope is a wicked cool card game. The game is played with a huge deck of 300+ cards at this point, and plays out in front of you sort of like a board game. We’ve been doing in-house playtesting with our friends and family and are currently in the middle of version 3 of the game. Version 4 should be done by the end of the month and is the version that we plan to begin sending out-of-house to get other people to help us review and test. If you’re interested in coming by to help test or possibly even having a copy of the game sent to you to play with your own game group, please let us know: boomharmony@gmail.com.

Oh yeah, here’s some HBI art I made while on vacation using basically found art materials:

HB Paintings June 2013_webThis is the photo I took with my phone for Christine. I dunno what happened to the originals. I remember packing them in my car for the drive home, so I assume that they’re here somewhere. I DID buy the canvas panels I painted these onto and one big neat brush, but the paint was all stuff I found in a closet. I’m not sure who it belonged to, but about half of it was rock hard. There you go.



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