Some Buildings I Caricatured

I did these drawings in early Spring and had them on display during Spring Arts Walk along with a lot of original art from my History Cards Project. They hung there for a month or so and then hung at Olympia City Hall for awhile before finding their way back to me. This morning I found them and realized that I’d never actually posted them here on my blog. Oops. Here you go.


This first one is the Swantown Inn, a bed and breakfast located at the William White House on the Eastside of Olympia. It’s a very cool building and an awesome place to stay (my parents stayed there while visiting town last Winter). This piece was done on commission and is Indie ink and ink wash on 11″x14″ bristol.

greyhoundwebThe second is the Greyhound station downtown, across from Sylvester Park. This was done at the bequest of the city employee who had put together hosting my art for Arts Walk. I’d asked her what building I should do and she said this was one of her favorites. As simple as that. This piece is India ink and ink wash on 11″x17″ bristol, which is an inch too large to get scanned in a single go on my scanner. What a world.


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