My new Pedal Board!

The Problem: Acoustic is okay, but it’s no electric, and I want to be able to horse around with mad electrons in my living room. But my pedals take up too much room in a cramped living space and what’s the point of guitar without pedals?

The Solution: I built myself a pedal board! Specifically, I built myself a pedal board that can be stored underneath my guitar stand and then open up when I want to rock out. Yow!

pb1I had been thinking about doing something like this for awhile, but Monday I just woke up and knew instantly that today was the day! Or at least that Monday was the day.

pb2I built this freehand with no plans or design to speak of outside of what was in my head. It was created almost entirely of found parts and scrap wood from my carport, yard, and basement. The only things I went out and bought were the barrel locks to keep it shut, the velcro to keep the pedals in place, and the handle to carry it with. Everything else was just stuff laying around. I used my guitar stand and living room pedals (pictured) to measure the space. The wooden inset thing is to cover up the power supply/cable situation, and is removable. I intend to get one of those little pick things to store picks and as I was photographing this I realized that I should probably add a space for my tuner, since it’s just sitting on a bookshelf right now.

pb3Even the hinges were old ones that had fallen off of a gate, but that my hoarder-self had refused to throw away. That’s my little tube-driven living room amp. Plenty loud for horsing around or even small shows. This thing was built in a couple of hours and was specifically designed to house these pedals, but there’s plenty of room to add or swap things out if I end up needing/wanting to.

pb4Finally, I spray painted on a raccoon to look tough when it’s open. What’s tougher than a raccoon? Only a bigger raccoon! I don’t have much stencil/spray paint experience since I never got into graffiti, but decided that this would be a good test since I needed to do a big Harmony Boom Island project with stencils and spray paint this week anyways (the last of which is drying in my driveway right now).

Oh yeah, sorry about the photo quality. I can’t find my camera right now, which means it’s probably in my purse somewhere, so I had to use my phone to take these.

There you go. Need a pedal board? Apparently I can now make those on commission as well. Need someone to play your party? Bam! I can do that slightly easier now, too.

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