Northern Lights – inksplash

I’ve had this inky mess sitting around in my files for sometime, in fact, there’s even a chance that parts of it have been scanned and used elsewhere in the past. Last night I came across it and instantly envisioned how I wanted to finish it, which I totally did instead of inking the Harmony Boom comic, which is what I should have been doing with my free time.

merged northernlights_web


This piece is as large as I can reasonably store drawings and buy pads in (14″x17″ bristol), which isn’t, like, super huge or anything, but still requires two passes on my A3 scanner. it’s all ink wash and India ink, pretty typically for me. Something about it reminds me of the awesome Norwegian film Troll Hunter, which I totally recommend you watch. It was great fun, though perhaps a little darker than my forest dwelling buddy here.

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