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Yeesh, I sort of disappeared after Arts Walk, right? Sorry about that. While I was there I handed off a piece of artwork that I had completed for the Olympia Film Society’s Silent Auction to get themselves a fancy new digital projector so that they can remain open. It was ink and ink and ink on 11″x17″ bristol and looks like this:

calavaraprojector_webYow! I love it! Do you? Go bid on it somehow. I’m not sure how Silent Auctions work because I’m not allowed in polite society. Anyhow, while talking with the person who came to pick up the artwork, we got to discussing the awesome special guest they’ve got this weekend for raising-money-reasons: Elliott Gould. Saturday he’s even going to do a Q&A before they show M*A*S*H, which is a great movie that I love. So somehow through this conversation I volunteered to produce an editioned serigraph of Trapper John, Elliott Gould’s character from M*A*S*H for them to give out to contributors. Right. No problem. So I immediately go home and draw this fellow here:


Because that’s how I roll. So, then they’re like, “Yow! Let’s make some notecards of these to give out to supporters who pledge money!” Which is how we got to here:

ofsnotecardsNot too shabby, right? I’ll show all of these in detail at a later date, I’m sure. Anyhow, meanwhile, I get my act together sort of finally on the Elliott Gould print after a couple of drawings and concepts and stuff, got the screens ordered and produced, and finally got that completed last night in the basement and then editioned this morning on the couch (watching A Fistful of Dollars, perhaps somewhat inappropriately). It’s an edition of 33 11″x14″ prints, lovingly done by me and myself in my basement:


And I think the idea is to get Elliott Gould to sign them and then the theater will give them out to contributors at a different level of contribution than the notecards. If you want one of these, you should go to the OFS website and figure out how that works or when the whatever is to do this thing. But wait, that’s not all! They asked me to change the OlyFilm4Life monster into an OFS4Life monster that can go on a coffee mug. I’m not a tattoo artist, so lettering like this kills me, but I’m even less capable of saying no to volunteer work. I did this change by hand (downloading a font would be too easy) and then prepped the art to go to the printers. They’re not ordered yet (we need to wait for a total of how many contributors are interested) but the prototype I put together (thanks, photoshop) looks like this:

OFS4lifemug2color_webThen, just because I had the stuff laying around, I also donated the original artwork that I did of the Trapper John print, hand-colored:


Plus They’ll be auctioning off a portrait I did of a current-looking Elliott Gould to give them options when I was first working out what the serigraph would be, though they elected to go the Trapper John route.

elliott gould portrait color_webIf you said to yourself, “hey, I’ve seen that style before!” You’re right. I basically cribbed my own self from my Thurston County History Cards. Sorry, me, but sometimes everyone gets their work bit. In conclusion, I discovered late this week that Denise Crosby was also going to be there for a showing of Pet Sematary on Sunday, and felt bad that there was nothing for her so I whipped this together (in two or maybe four color schemes), but there was no time to get posters or anything produced, so now it’s just a random piece of whatever for whatever. Enjoy it.petsematary_denisecrosby1_web

petsematary_denisecrosby2_webSo, that’s sort of what I’ve been doing the last two weeks, plus all the usual stuff I do. Kind of, like, four rush jobs, except it was all volunteer stuff that I did/am doing for love of my local indie theater. I should have been better at communicating something somewhere instead of being quiet here and abroad for two weeks, but that would have required taking a breath. Now I get to pick up the pieces and see what’s left to do with Animal Parade, before I embark on my next whirlwind adventure.






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