More Robot Art and an Art Show

First off, this Saturday and Sunday (Nov 2, ten-four, Nov 3, noon-four) I’ll be at the POSSCA/Friends Of The Library Art Show/Fair/Thing. I’ll be there with Christine where we’ll not only be selling our individual stuff, but also hawking all the Harmony Boom stuff you kids are loving. I think she said that there will be Klugs at this event. Seems like every event we have a different creature available. Anyhow, this show has been at the Olympia Armory the last few years but the Military needed the Armory for maneuvers or something so we got bumped a week or so ago. We’ll now be at Pioneer Elementary School, which is on the corner of Henderson and Carlyon here in Olympia. You should come!

Second, here is some new robot art. The first is the companion piece to one I posted a couple of days ago. I had two very similar pieces of inked out paper so I always knew that there would be two of these. So it goes:

Bathos2Ink2013India ink and ink wash on 11″x14″ bristol.

The next piece was just something random I did for no particular reason last night (Halloween!) while waiting at home for no trick-r-treaters and watching 1959’s The Angry Red Planet, which may now be my favorite 50s sci-fi film. Awesome.

clydeIndia ink and ink wash on 9″x12″ bristol. This guy was drawn freehand with no pencils or anything, just a steel nib and a jar of ink. I named him Clyde when I scanned the image, because why not.



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