New Coffee Mug!

Check it, world: I got new coffee mugs for sale!

ZombieBopesMugPhotoWebThese bad boys are real mugs in big shipping boxes now taking up room in my basement. Awesome! The style of artwork on them is a style of people I refer to as The Bopes. I’ve been occasionally drawing people in this style on and off for quite awhile, yet strangely the only reference to them that I can find on this website is from a Random Art Dump posting from May last year. I guess probably because they’re mostly just random sketches I do for no real reason, but to draw something when I’m too tired to work on real stuff. Whatever. I like this mug quite a lot. I’ll be selling them in a couple of weeks at the Lincoln Winter Market, which is a big local art show the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Which means, that’s right- new zombie mugs just in time for Xmas! Because I am NOTHING if not business savvy. Wait…. is that right?


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