Harmony Boom: Blast Off!

Hey internet. Have I mentioned Harmony Boom: Blast Off! before?

So, over the Summer I spent waaaaaay too much of my time designing, constructing, and playtesting a Harmony Boom tabletop game that we’re currently calling Harmony Boom: Blast Off! Pretty sweet, right? We played the heck out of this game! And now, finally, after years or maybe just months or weeks of putting it off, I finally put together version 4 of the game yesterday. Huzzah!

Blast Off v4 webCurrently coming in at 417 cards, plus a bunch of little square token things that I didn’t align right but was too cheap to reprint for this test version, Blast Off! is a card game where players compete to build and populate rockets to take the Boomers to Mars. Doesn’t that photo of the game in piles on my paper cutter that I took with my phone look amazing? Scroll back up and look in awe for a little bit longer. Wicked. If it looks a little grey it’s because I grabbed two reams of bright white card stock from the bin and the second one was actually light grey. I think that just adds to the amazingness. Thanks Office Supply Store! You make everything a little brighter! Or greyer. Whichever.

If you’re able to slow your heart enough, here is a slightly less breathtaking piece of art that I created for the game:

HB_BOboxart_webWhy am I mentioning this now after being basically silent about it (I think) for the last several months? Because v4 of Blast Off! is the version we intend to take out of the house and begin playtesting with people who are somewhat less me, Christine, and my immediate friends and family. The idea is to test this game over the next couple of months and then spend early 2014 trying to finish it off and procure funding to produce it in time for next year’s holiday season. Yow!

We will be arranging some test games here in the Olympia area in December. We’ll be looking for feedback and clarity/legibility issues and all those other things that people playtest games to resolve before just doing whatever the heck they felt like doing in the first place anyways. Anyhow, if you’re interested in playing, contact us at boomharmony@gmail.com and we’ll add you to our list of testing candidates.

There you go.



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