Pictures from Fall Arts Walk

Hey Internet, I’m finally posting some photos from over a month ago when I had up all of my Animal Parade stuff for Arts Walk. Remember that? Honestly, I snapped some photos during a quiet spell, but they came out pretty sub-par and I’m mostly posting them because I need to show them to somebody in a meeting tomorrow and this seemed the most expedient way. Anyhow, let’s do it to it:



So here were two of the interactive pieces, which got played with a LOT throughout the couple of days. Also, some other associated pieces of art. Aficionados will recognize the Cull Wood Army marching along the bottom, who first appeared last Spring at Splash Gallery, as well as the huge Bathos made of plywood, overexposed on the far right.

arbutusphoto2This bad boy was gigantic and featured more than 100 movable tiles for people to arrange however they wanted. It also got a fair amount of play, though I’m not sure how successful people were at finishing up any of the creatures. Man it took a long time to make, though.

arbutusphoto3This was the last of the big interactive pieces, and the one people seemed to have the most trouble with, which makes no sense to me whatsoever, since I provided the dang answer key right there. My friends of a scientific bent all studiously created every possible creature without the cheat sheets while this was on my kitchen table, but I never actually saw this any creatures finished at Arts Walk. Maybe science types don’t go to Arts Walk.

Anyhow, the event was a lot of fun and it was pretty gratifying to see so many people playing with my work. I’ve got zero idea what I’ll do with any of these things now, as they’re all packaged up in my basement. Hopefully I’ll be able to show them again someday in some capacity.

And rest assured I’m already planning for Spring Arts Walk.



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