Some January

Hey whoever is reading this. Been awhile! Well, I’ve been busy and I don’t have to apologize for that. Anyhow, here’s a screengrab I, uh,  grabbed from my computer showing the first 100 Harmony Boom Comics.

first hundred

I was just saving this weeks and thought the image looked cool. If you’re not reading the HB comic, you should be. It’s fun and I do it! This will hopefully be the year of Harmony Boom, so keep an eye out. We’ve got the HUGEST plans. I’m not sure how much I can talk about, but we’ll definitely have a bunch of art up at the Washington Center here in Olympia for Arts Walk in April. Not only will we be debuting a bunch of art and the biggest HB project to date, but I’ll be chained to a drafting table where I’ll attempt to write and draw a picture book during the two days of Arts Walk. Plan your trip now! April 25 and 26th.

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