The Adventure of the Mysterious Adventure

So what the heck have I been doing? Well, in the last couple of months I found, bought, and moved into a new house, which ate a lot of time, and I wrote, illustrated and designed the first Harmony Boom novel, The Adventure of the Mysterious Adventure, which ate some more time. The book is currently going through the proofing process but our target is to release it at April Arts Walk here in Olympia, when we’ll be presenting a whole mess of Harmony Boom artwork (as well as a fair amount of my normal artwork) at the Washington Center here in Olympia.


We’re currently running a kickstarter to help finance the production of the book, a lovely 7″x10″ hardcover. If you live in Olympia the best way to get a copy is to come see us the weekend of Arts Walk, but if you don’t then the kickstarter is a great way to pre-order a copy. Time for me to get back to work!


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