The Great 2014 Calavara Book-A-Thon

The Great 2014 Calavara Book-A-Thon!

In which our intrepid hero will endeavor to write and draw a picture book in two days, in public! That’s right, you can wander in and look over the author’s hunched sloping shoulders as he sobs onto a piece of bristol and smeared ink, wondering when they’ll let him go get another cup of coffee.

PerryWrites600The place is the Washington Center (512 Washington St SE, Oly) and the when is Olympia’s Spring Arts Walk (April 25th & 26th). As well as creating the book, there will be lots and lots of other new P. Calavara artwork, as well as the official release of the new Harmony Boom novel, The Adventure of the Mysterious Adventure. Not bad!

But wait! Because this book is going to be created in a public place at a public event with the public poking the author with sticks, we decided that it only made sense to wrangle the public into the creation of the book. To that end, your responses here will determine both the characters and theme of the book to be written, as well as what interactions with the supposed author will be like. When the survey is completed in the days before the event, the results will be tallied. Then, during Arts Walk, the survey results will be presented, the book created, and the author poked with sticks. Publicly.

Take the Survey!

Anything else? I suppose for completeness sake we should post something like a link to pre-order the book. Also, my business partner says she’ll beat me up if I don’t. But the fact of the matter is that I can’t know how much the book will cost until after it’s produced, so I’m going to choose a semi-random number and hope I don’t take a bath on anyone who does elect to pre-order the book. Here you go:

$15.00 – 2014 Book-a-thon Pre-order!
(includes shipping!)

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