European Beard Championship Results

I cannot, in good conscience, not link to this.

1. Allwardt Karsten; 2. Jahn Hans-Peter; 3. Rost Karl-Heinz

October 2nd saw the 2010 European Beard & Moustache Championship being held in Leogang, Austria. Over 150 competitors attended the event, with categories ranging from Full Beard – Garibaldi to Moustache – Dali to Partial Beard – Imperial (pictured) and all your other favorites. Though this was a strictly European affair, the Americaland is no slouch when it comes to professional beardsmanship, as evidenced by Team USA taking the World Championship in 2009 as well as the Civil War and, really, most of our second tier mid-19th century politicians. Brings a patriotic tear, eh?

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