Arts Walk Post-Op

So. With about 5 minutes to spare on Saturday night I finished the last bit of erasing and called my new book cooked. For anyone interested, the results of the survey are available here. Suffice it to say people wanted a book with a Crow for a protagonist, some donuts as the antagonist, Olympia as the setting, and an Evil Twin as the literary device. I did what I could.


I began writing the book at about 4pm on Friday, and was able to work until about 8pm Friday evening. I picked it up again Saturday at noon and finished at 8pm. Sunday morning I lettered the book and added inkwash, then scanned it all before returning it to the Washington Center, where it will live for a couple of months or something. It should actually be coming down just about the time I get the book back from the printer, provided I ever even get started with the design and printing process. We’ll see.

I will be at the Washington Center this Wednesday the 30th at 6pm for an Artist’s Reception, at which time I’ll read the book and also read an excerpt from the new Harmony Boom novel, then answer questions or something. Should be fun!

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