Commissioned Panda Bunny Art

I just turned this piece over to some friends of mine who commissioned me to do it for a friend of their’s who just bought a bar here in downtown Olympia. Their only real request had been to have it be of Panda Bunny at this bar. So I scoped out the bar briefly a couple of weeks ago, had some new ginger ale I’d never tried before, and the bar itself had this awesome mosaic thing underneath it, so I went with that. The composition just spoke to me. I remembered the little fridge because that’s where my ginger ale came from. Whatta world.


Just for kicks, here’s what my pencils looked like. I happen to have the scan since I sent it to the people who commissioned the piece, though I don’t think they ever even looked at it. I realized what I had done to myself with those bottles after penciling about a quarter of them, but by that point it was already too late.


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