New Halloween Bopes Mug!

Hey internet, I’ve got like a million new projects in the pipeline right now, including at least three new Harmony Boom books on the docket. Yow! But in the meantime, I just yesterday had my new coffee mug delivered. Sweet!halloween2014photo

This is the third in the Bopes mug series. They all feature zombies, which I should get away from, except that they’re fun to draw. I’ve got a magic one all lined up, with no zombies, except that with Halloween happening right now I thought that I should go this route.

Anyhow, it will be available at Gallery Boom in Tumwater starting tomorrow (Fri, Sept 26) for those who want to celebrate the season in style. In fact, if you go to Gallery Boom this weekend and spend $25 on other stuff, then you can buy one of these mugs for $5 instead of whatever I usually charge. If you spend $50, you can get a mug for $3. If you spend a hundred dollars, then you can have a mug for free! Yow! This weekend only. Come October they go back to full price.

Also, since we’re talking Bopes mugs, I found a few remaining of mug #2, from last Xmas. These were super hard for people to get because I didn’t make enough, apparently (or even ever post it on this website even), but right now I’m bringing the final six mugs to GB to sell, so I guess hurry on down if you’re interested. I may reproduce these later this year, or I may not. We’ll see how demand feels or if I have time to do another new one or whatever. Let me know your thoughts, I guess.

xmas2013photoThat’s it for today. Watch for new things coming really soon, including a new Harmony Boom book which should be delivered next week, and 40, count ’em, 40 new pieces of art for Gallery Boom’s first themed show for the month of October. Woh.



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