New Kickstarter!



Hey you handsome internet, you, we (Harmony Boom Industries) have some new books coming out, which we are running a Kickstarter campaign for. The biggest is the second Harmony Boom Island novel, Day of the Fuzzlebugs, which is the sequel to our first book, The Adventure of the Mysterious Adventure. If you don’t have the first, you can also pick that up through the Kickstarter. You can also get the just-released Jon the Mormo Met a Cow, plus preorder the new collection of the Harmony Boom Island comic strip, Crazy Dangerous. These books are all either here or will be here and delivered by the holiday season, so get some HB for all of your loved ones this year. Do it do it do it!


P.S. I’ve also got a whole slew (40!) new monster paintings for sale over at Gallery Boom, and if you purchase one, then when the book collecting all of them comes out next month, you get that, too. Wee-ow! Probably more on that in some other post.

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