Halloween 2014

halloween2014beastI did this today, I suppose, for festive reasons. Or maybe because the time was ripe for a slouching beast with intergalactic headphones. Whatever. The drawing was done on India ink. To get the black to be black was two layers of India ink applied with a brush. The paper is 14″x17″ bristol, which is pretty big. I know I could have done it a whole bunch less time with the magic of the computer machine, but there’s just something about doing things old school sometimes.

I guess while I’m here, let’s check out the other two pieces I did in the last, let’s say, 36 hours. These are much different, stylistically. These were originally India ink (bear) and technical pen (fox) on bristol, but were obviously put through the Photoshop ringer.

jigglebear1 foxy1

Also, I guess, I should mention my kickstarter project that’s ending in two days.

There you go.


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