Two New Books


So, these are the two news books I’m releasing that I received from the printer today. One is an esoteric art book based (in part) on some big interactive art pieces I did last year (Animal Parade), the other is the new Harmony Boom Island novel (Day of the Fuzzlebugs).


Can you imagine two books by one author(s) coming out at the same times that are as radically different as these? I can! Because, like, next week or the week after I get THREE MORE books from the printer, including a Harmony Boom alphabet book, a Harmony Boom comic collection, and a bizarre book that’s sort of a long-form piece of poetry paired with some bizarre paintings. That will bring the total number of books I’m publishing for the month to five, PLUS Jon the Mormo Met a Cow from last month, plus the other two books I published earlier this year— The Smallest Possible Murder and The Adventure of the Mysterious Adventure. equals some number of books I’m not even prepared to count that I’ve published this year.

In other news, the Harmony Boom Comic Strip should start up again in the next couple of weeks, and I’ve begun writing the new (third) Harmony Boom Island novel, though that’s super early stages— still early enough that it could be left in the snow to die and no one would ever notice.

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