Paintings – Dead Robots

So Saturday I posted some paintings and mentioned that I would have some more to post soon. Here they are:

Three 36x36" paintings, acrylic on canvas.

The Dead Robot motif is a pretty regular theme in my work. I think there may even be a brief essay about it floating around somewhere. The savvy amongst you will also note that this is the Bathos model robot, titular star of my comic strip of the same name, though he’s not usually dead in that. There are three paintings that are all pretty big, three foot squares, so who knows where I’ll find to store or show them. This is why so many people paint on paper, not canvas, I guess.

I had to just set these up and use my camera to snap pics of them, so there’s some warping, focus-fun, color-drift, and such, but what are you gonna do, right?

Detail from painting

Detail from painting.

Detail from painting.

Note – WordPress has got some issues, it seems, with the way the images are showing up when you click on them, so try to power on through using right clicks and ingenuity if you want to actually see these pictures in their full glory or whatever. At some point I’ll get them added to the paintings page, I’m sure.

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