There’s Been A Murder!

I started a new project today. I’m going to publish a new book one page a day from now through the 26th of December. I actually wrote this book back in April, just before the Smallest Possible Murder project (where I wrote and drew a book in public over the course of like 8 hours). Anyhow, I finally decided to do this bad boy and publishing it a drawing a day on the web made as much sense as anything.

Here then are the cover and first page:



I’ll be doing a handmade (as in printed in my office on my laser printer) numbered edition later this month, mailed around the 15th if anyone wants to order a copy. You can also order the original artwork if you’re so inclined.

I gave the Bopes their own little web presence for this, their mugs, or whatever else I do that feels like it fits— kinda like the Hamlet site. Don’t think for a minute that I forget these projects, I just have to choose where to put my tiny snatches at free time as best I’m able. To that end, I also restarted the Harmony Boom comic strip today, so that bad boy is back to being updated M/W/F for the foreseeable future.

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