pghost2_2211″x14″ India ink (pen) on bristol.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with these lately, and have been trying them out on some different mediums. I snapped these with my phone so, y’know, whatever. Not great, but at least gets he idea across.

woodghostThis is a wood panel, 24″x48″, I think. the background is drawing ink and the beast was done with a paint pen. Oh, actually, I think the pink was actually screen printing ink. I have no idea why the middle looks so washed out. Camera phone, I guess.

canvasghost16″x20″ canvas (I think)- Molotov paint pen for the black, drawing ink for the color.

canvasghosts2Both are 8″x8″ canvas- drawing ink and then I did the drawings with India ink (pen).

I think I’m enjoying the zen like nature of the little lines. I’m planning on doing more of these for awhile. Maybe put together enough for a show somewhere. We’ll see.

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