Birds and also…


11″x14″ India ink (pen) on bristol. Color is drawing ink.


14″x11″ India ink (pen) on bristol. Color by inkwash.

Did I already say that I think I’m doing these intricate little things as some for of “art therapy”? I dunno. Maybe I’m just liking spending hours making little hashes instead of sleeping.

Inside Baseball: I have taken to denoting that I used a pen filled with India ink, because for years I used a steel nib dipped in ink every minute or so- and though the ink is the same (well, different brand), this feels like a much different medium and should be noted as such. Recently, I’ve been unable to conjure together the time or personal space necessary to have an open bottle of ink to dip a pen into, which is why I’ve resorted to what feels much more like a technical pen, which is what has led to all of this patterning. I DO hope to return to my beloved steel nibs at some point when things in my life calm down and find some patterns again. Ohmygosh, is the lack of pattern in my personal life the catalyst for these insanely ordered drawings I’ve been doing? Wow… I feel like we’ve had a real breakthrough here.

This next piece was done to just throw some things at a wall and see what stuck, how it all fell together aesthetically. I may yet cut it all up and color it, but that seems like a lot of work right now.

patterns12″x9″ India ink (pen) on bristol.


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