Some drawings.


11″x17″ India ink (pen) on bristol.



17″x11″ India ink (pen) on bristol. I started this piece a long time ago but only finished it this morning, for no particular reason. It’s mostly just playing around with a collage type concept of some of my favorite things to draw. I think the original intent was to just have bears, then I added the bare lady (I didn’t realize the pun until later), then I threw in some robots and the rest just kept going. I think it’s maybe a commentary on the vicissitudes of childhood and maturity through the lens of the stuffed animal? Who knows. It’s not my job to attach meaning- I just let my psyche run wild and leave it for the art historians to piece together.

I think it would be fun to color, but laborious.

Here’s just the first bear, which I scanned initially to just have a clean copy of.


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