Astronauts on the town.

Hey internet, I’ve got an astronaut up in Seattle somewhere.PCalavera_BlastOff

This guy lived in my garage for about 6 weeks while I worked on him, and is now loose in Seattle somewhere. Enjoy him. The project was done through the Museum of Flight to celebrate their 50th year teaching museums how to fly, or flies about museums, I was never really clear on that. Anyhow, I think he’s in Tukwila somewhere right now, then moves to Bellevue, before ending up back at the Museum at the end of Summer.


In other news, I got a new pen, so you get a new Panda Bunny.dark PB11″x14″ ink on bristol. A little bit morose, but that’s what this pen is like, I guess. Haven’t fully decided what I think of it.


Finally, my gallery, Gallery Boom in Tumwater, has a GoFundMe thing going, apparently. So check that out.



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