True Detective

True Detective

11″17″ some kinda ink on bristol. I drew this while watching True Detective and using the parallel pilot pen I got a month or so ago. The pen is great, but I hate the ink. It smears, takes forever to dry, and feathers to a ridiculous amount. I tried replacing it with an ink I like better, but it leaked everywhere. Yuck. If anyone has any experience or suggestions, let me know. I’ll take a crack at swapping it again before too long, probably. As I said, I like the pen and want to use it, I just need it to be waterproof and good.

No posts in forever! I had a lazy July. Probably all the heat. I am finishing up a series of about a dozen paintings that I’ll probably get posted here or somewhere in some sort of fashion at some point. They’re too big to scan. Complicated! Such bright colors! Inspired by nature! Paint!

If anyone liked any of the tiny line stuff I was working on back in Spring, it’s all in a box in my office, since it just came down from a show at the Capitol Theater in Olympia. Now is the perfect time to email and say, “Hey I want to buy that one of that thing,” then get a series of muddled rambling responses back before giving up on me, and going on to make fun of my awesome business acumen to people on the internet. Yow!

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