More Good Excuses

In the interest of not having anyone think I’ve been slacking, I just wanted to drop a line that I’ve been continuing to grow my Random Excuse Generator and associated site over the last couple of weeks. I’ve now got 100 excuses in the generator, with more coming within the next day or two. Enjoy! I’ve also got some pretty offensive notecards available, to get you out of holiday gatherings that you don’t want to attend.


I don’t have them up on the site yet, and maybe I won’t ever put them up, but I’ve created a couple of Community Service things that could/should potentially/probably go there. You can print as many of these as you like and hand them out as necessary. Clicking on the image *should* open up a printable sized copy.



There you go. Use them in good health. If you enjoy the Excuse Generator, please tell everyone you know. The more people that express interest, the more likely I am to not immediately get bored and move on to something even more esoteric.



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