Bid on an Astronaut!

Apparently this is the last chance to bid on the astronauts that the Museum of Flight had produced for their 50th anniversary. I painted/drew on one of them before it spent the Summer living somewhere up in the Seattle area, and now they’re all being auctioned off to help fund the museum. If you’ve got the space in your home or business for a 6ft tall astronaut, by all means, support an awesome museum! Or tell people you know who DO have the space in their home or business. There will be a huge anniversary party or some action on Sept 19th a the Museum of Flight, where you can get in super cheap and see all of the astronauts together for the only time, plus meet the artists, and who knows what else. Here’s the astronaut I did:

I never actually saw my astronaut in its native environment, but I did get a frantic text message from a friend one time saying, “Holy shit! I ‘m standing next to that astronaut that I saw in your garage! What the hell is the deal with this thing? Why is it in Bellevue?”

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