New Shelf Thing

I saw a couple of camera lenses sitting on my friend’s fireplace and thought, “that’s a pretty cool knick-knack, but I bet we could do better!” And so here we are!

monstershelf1Turns out that they weren’t knick-knacks, only there for temporary reasons. Oh well, they’ll still look fabulous now, on their very own shelf, done after the fashion of those monsters I did a few months back for the Olympia Film Society.

Since I was already making one shelf, I made another— why do one when two is twice the work! monstershelf2

Since I started running a Kickstarter campaign to make more coffee mugs right now, I decided to throw some of my previous mugs on it for the picture. I couldn’t find some of them in my cabinet, which is just whatever. Maybe I’m out? Who knows. Maybe they’re in a crate somewhere. I assume that the Gallery still has all of them for sale.

These shelves were built out of wood and materials I had laying around the house, so OSB plywood, and some 1″x2″, painted in house paint. I might do more at some point and up the wood quality or, like, at least do a better job sanding it or measuring. I took the pictures with my cellphone. “Hey, I’d take the pictures with the real camera. Can I have one of my lenses back from that shelf?” “No. Those lenses are part of the shelf now. They’re art. They’re for the ages.” “Oh…”



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