Hey Internet, a couple of quick things. One, if you haven’t already, you should please consider backing my Kickstarter, which is ending in just a couple of days. Maybe you don’t know this, but when the revolution comes, only Calavara brand coffee mugs will survive. Do you really want to be left in the dregs of civilization only able to drink hot beverages from broken lightbulbs? Act now! Here’s one of the new mugs we’re producing and also some sweet Bopes shelves I made:

businessmug newimageThe shelves are meant to be for either the most awesome backers, or for retail stores that I don’t own to display and carry my coffee mugs. If you’re a retail store that’s interested, you should contact me. I keep meaning to call some places, but I pretty much suck at that, so it’s on you, Mr. And Mrs. Retail Establishment.


Sometime last week, without really telling anyone, I added another 50 excuses to, which puts the running total at 200 excuses in the Random Excuse Generator. Not bad! Check it out and use it endlessly, whenever anyone tries to get you to do anything.



My book I’m publishing here a page-a-day is still being published a page a day. You can get to it by clicking here. I’m up to page 9, and at this point, you should potentially be realizing that there’s a theme.

page 9 HI know that some people think of the Homunculus as being, like, small creatures, but I hate that description. If you ask me about Homunculi, I go Prague Golem every time.

Finally, Please back my Kickstarter!


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