All Bad Choices!


Hey internet, my new book is officially here, finally! It was intended to be released in May, to correspond with the Tiny Lines show at the Capitol Theater all through June/July, but it was just one problem after the other with the printers. At any rate, it’s here now, so if you’re hankering for a stylized picture book about depression, you know where to look*!

In case you missed it, A Bathos Xmas was completed a few days ago, and is available to read in its entirety over at I start a new page-a-day book this Sunday or Monday, which will be posted daily at the Batdorf and Bronson coffee shop here in Olympia. I’m also finishing up a huge bunch of paintings for there. I’ll update here once they’re there, I suppose.

* The place to look is in my living room! I went ahead and threw them up on the Never Knows shop, but I’m not even sure that exists anymore. I’ll get them over to the Gallery soon, so you can check there before too long, as well.

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