January Starts With Coffee!

A couple of big things started today, so we’ll see what all I can cram into one post. Beginning right now at the Batdorf and Bronson coffeehouse  in Olympia (516 S. Capitol Way) we’re presenting a large collection of paintings, entitled Winter’s Cruel Reign Flickers Beneath The Stern Gaze of Hot Drink. There are a BUNCH of these paintings there, so go check it out. Here’s a photo I stupidly snapped before we went back and straightened things. WR_photo1


See that row of letters below the paintings? Well! Beginning right now we’re publishing a new page-a-day book over at Raccoonteurs.com and in person at the same coffeeshop. Yay! It will be publishing from now until January 30th.
Animals Brew Coffee

Note: Instead of just posting the first page as an image I’m trying to post an embedded slideshow that will (hopefully) update on its own. We’ll see if it works or if I have to revert to a static image.

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