It’s a Bopes day!

Hey Internet, I spent the morning installing a horde of Bopes in a window display up in Seattle, so if you’re in or near Seattle, and want to see a crowd of Bopes, hurry on down to John St at Boren Ave N and check them out sometime between now and sometime later than now. They come down in July, I think.

shunpike1 shunpike2

Why oh why didn’t I save a million hours of work by doing a zombie themed window and just re-using all those Halloween Bopes from my front yard? The world may never know.

In honor of my astoundingly bad time management, I also added another fifty excuses to the Random Excuse Generator at So enjoy that, even if you’re NOT in or near Seattle. If you don’t feel like hitting the Excuse button hundreds of times to see them all, then at least tell your friends about it and make them.

I’m not sure what will happen to all of these Bopes once the installation comes down in July. Anyone want to have a horde of Bopes in their home or place of business? Anyone want to commission a NEW horde of Bopes for their home or place of business? Let me know!

Update: Oops, I totally spaced and forgot to mention that this project was done through Shunpike, up in Seattle. So support them! Thanks to Morgan Cahn for facilitating. I’m going to blame my forgetfulness here on the fact that I’ve been sick and rocking a fever for awhile now. Sorry!

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