Some Bathos Paintings

Well, I say paintings, but they’re actually done with ink…


Your Delusions Ain’t Got Nuthin’ On Mine – 16″x20″ ink on canvas


Who Knew The Eclipse Would Be Blue Ruin – 16″x20″ ink on canvas

With a little bit of luck, these will be available for sale at the new Gallery Boom in Olympia when it opens October 1st. Also my new book, The Sneaky Snarky Osters, will be available for sale, I hope.


The question mark is how I’m going to get the display case and books and everything from my garage to the new downtown location this evening. Cross your fingers for me!

Oh yeah, I might have a new chapbook available somehow tomorrow, as well. Plus, the new Halloween book was supposed to show up today, but the Osters did instead, even though they’re due next week. Weird. So, uh, look out for that.

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