100 [Animals] Project

Jiminy Cricket! How was it been a month since I last updated this? I feel like I’ve been producing and posting stuff on the webs constantly since then! Though I guess to be fair, much of that was pages of How To Say Goodbye. Anyhow- I’ve got a big new Kickstarter project that I just started. I want to make a jigsaw puzzle! Puzzles are fun! So that’s what we’re gonna try to do.

Kickstarter is currently running this Make 100 campaign, where they’re looking for projects that have a limited edition reward of 100 items. So I’ll be drawing 100 of some type of animal that backers will vote on at the end of the project. Or at least that’s the plan. There’s some other stuff in there as well. Here is the link to see the project. Tell your friends!

Here’s kind of sort of what it will all look like, but with 8 bears, not 100 animals that you vote on: 

That’s a sample of what the individual drawings would look like, except that they would be individual, and here is a picture of what they would look like compiled:

Anyhow. That’s my thing for today. I also sorta started doing a comic again, and I’m working on another Raccoonteurs book that I’ll start at some point in the next couple of months, probably. Plus whatever rabbits I usually pull out of whatever hats I find.

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