Five Little Goats

Hey world! So here is a piece of art that running my 100 [Animals] Kickstarter inspired me to finish this morning, some 5+ years after deciding it needed to be done. The backstory is that all those years ago, while counting a young boy’s toes, I suddenly became infuriated that the “This little piggy” nursery rhyme rhymed “home” with “home.” C’MON, MOTHER GOOSE! YOU KNOW BETTER THAN THAT! So I wrote this alternate version literally on the spot, as I counted out fingers, because that particular boy was then obsessed with goats. Why did it take five years to do up the art? Because I waffled forever one whether to transfer the goats back to piggies. I finally took a poll of the children near me, and they unanimously voted “GOAT,” so here we are.

The original artwork is on 11″x17″ bristol. I used India ink in a technical pen. The colors are Photoshop. The hand lettering took as long as the goats, because I’m terrible at lettering. Here’s a blue version:

I hope you enjoy this, and I also hope that you’re telling your friends and loved ones to back this project, or at the very least to saunter over to the google poll I setup to answer one quick measly little question:

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