New book! New Alphabet Project!

Hey peeps! Long time, no whatever here on the blog! I post a lot on the instagram machine, though, so follow me there. Anyhow, I’ve got two new things to put here. The first is that my new book of Rabbit poems, Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits, is now out and officially available out of the back of my car!

It’s actually available at Captain Little, in Olympia, and will soon be available at Gallery Boom, like, once I get down there. It’s available online at my shop, too, I guess.

The other new thing I’ve got is, which, for now, is an alphabet project updating daily until I hit Z (probably on or around the 26th day). This project is a celebration or something about the upcoming European soccer seasons that are starting up. I think the idea began as a dare. Here’s A:

To keep reading it, check the site daily, or follow me on instagram or the twitter thing or whatever else will work.

There you go.

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