Hush, Poppies

I was recently commissioned to do a large painting (3ft x 4ft) of some poppies, in a sort of impressionist type style. Not really my usual bag, but who doesn’t love a challenge?

I started out by making a smaller painting (16″x20″) in the same sort of style, done using whatever I had on hand. This was to get my feet wet in the style and to figure out exactly what sorts of aesthetic they wanted for the finished painting.

I did a couple more prep pieces. Another 16″x20″ painting to test how the paint was going to settle, to get the style of texture that was requested. However, I decided that I didn’t like what I had, so I then scraped all the paint off, leaving this image, that I actually like a lot more than what I had.

I also did this piece, sort of for shits and giggles. I’ve been doing a lot of this style of thing lately, so trying a bouquet of flowers seemed a natural place to try next.

Finally, I did the final painting out in my backyard, set up on the lawn. It was created using house paint, some putty scrapers, and a paper cup. Brushes are for the weak!

There you go!

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