Inktober Poll

Hey Internet, I’ll be doing an Inktober thing this year where I’ll be doing a drawing per day of a certain type of character. The idea is that you go vote on which one of these types you want to see 31 drawings of. Here they are:

(You can click the image for the poll, or scroll down and see if embedding actually worked)

These were all quickly sketched out with a minimum of effort— I intend to do the actual drawings a little bit cleaner, but I wanted something visual for the vote. Whatevs. I haven’t decided completely how I’ll do these yet… I had intended to do them as a stack of small drawings (that are subsequently for sale?), but there’s also something super enticing about doing them as a single gigantic drawing, the way I did Inktober last year. We’ll see how I feel once we get closer.

I may or may not find a way to put updates here, but I’ll be definitely putting them on my instagram, so check out the action there.

Okay, embedding the poll here, we’ll see if it works. Fingers crossed:

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