Inktober & Commissions

Hey internet, so it’s Inktober, the annual excuse to draw a bunch of stuff! Hooray! this year I’m drawing 31 Lamentable Superheroes! I’ll also be drawing a huge poster of them engaging in a battle. Here are the first few Heroes: 

I’ve only really got pencils going on the big battle so far. I’m adding the heroes as I go, so I want to get a bit more on there first before I begin inking. Probably this weekend…? We’ll see. These guys were all inked with a dip pen, and then shaded/colored with drawing ink. Ink Ink Ink!


The other noteworthy thing here is that I recently put together some pages to do some commissioned drawings. The first is Mystery Commissions, where you give me a couple of words and then get a surprise drawing back, based on whatever I was inspired to draw. I’m doing these for less than my usual rate for commissioned work, because I’m not going to bother getting pencils approved or reworking the expression fifty times, just straight up request “Clown, Puffer Fish, Dildo” and then see what you get.

The other type of commission site I put together is Nemesis Caricatures, where I will do a caricature of your nemesis. Same basic deal, where I’ll just draw whatever I want based on what I’m sent. It’s a great deal for original art by me, according to my mom, and also my econ professor.

There you go. Order now to get original art for your friends and loved ones during the holidays! Alternately, I can do up certificates for either service to give as gifts.

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