Lamentable Superheroes Update

So remember when I was going to draw a Lamentable Superhero™©®(patent applied for) every day for the month of October? I did it! I actually drew them all, plus several extra I included, and several that I didn’t. I also finished doing my huge awesome drawing of all the Lamentable Superheroes in action. 

I’ll get this entire thing colored in photoshop before too much longer, and then after that I’m not sure what I’ll do with this. I’d love to see it as a puzzle, so if anyone knows anyone at Ravensburger, let me know. These giant drawings I do would make great puzzles, and I get asked about producing them quite often, but you need to make puzzles in quantities in the thousands, and I’m not setup to even store that many pallets of stuff, much less figure out how to distribute them.

In the meantime, here are some of the heroes who didn’t make the cut. the big reason they were cut is that as I was going, I decided to have the heroes be *mostly* regular humans, rather than aliens of some sort or another. A couple of them I just decided didn’t quite fit.

If you want to see ALL of the heroes from the series, go check out my instagram account, where they were all originally posted.

SHAMELESS!!!! If you’re desperately looking for the perfect last minute gift for someone, give them the gift of getting to commission a drawing! I can send you or them or whoever a certificate to commission a mystery drawing of whatever they like. Yowza!

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